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  1. Hey Guys, Besides my gig at Eibach running the moto program, I also train local athletes. I'd like to sponsor a couple local, amateur riders. My facility is in Orange on Batavia and West Collins. Please send your resume to rhoegner@eibach.com if you are interested. Thanks, Ryan
  2. Ryan at Eibach

    CrossFit workouts

    I just opened up CrossFit 714 in Orange, CA. www.crossfit714.com Ryan
  3. Ryan at Eibach

    spring i/d

    I have received calls for the same dimensions, but can't rembember the application. 83-88 CR springs are close: 59x59x275
  4. Ryan at Eibach

    training for mx racing

    I am a crossfit'er too. incredible workout. I am getting certified soon and thought mx riders would really benefit from this type of workout.
  5. Ryan at Eibach

    2009 Hondas??

    Rich, check PM.
  6. Ryan at Eibach

    Reed on GH....and who he's not riding for.

    This is like a rollercoaster. I heard about the Japanese saying no a couple weeks ago. Now I am hearing about Reed on a full factory rm-z450 as a privateer. He does not think the Yamaha will be competetive.
  7. Ryan at Eibach

    By the way...

    Is the oil used in them known as "del scorcho"?
  8. Ryan at Eibach

    Reed on a rmz450

    Reed is retiring. Period.
  9. Ryan at Eibach

    Reed on a rmz450

    I just heard Reed was ready to sign and Suzuki (the japanese) pulled the plug on the deal at the last minute.
  10. Ryan at Eibach

    Reed on a rmz450

    I heard he was going to Suzuki as well.
  11. Ryan at Eibach

    What happened to Vegas TV Coverage?

    so bummed
  12. Ryan at Eibach

    Geico replace Torco on Hondas??

    Geico is the title sponsor and torco is an associate sponsor now.
  13. Ryan at Eibach

    What crowd at the Moto X World Championship

    I was flipping through the channels on Saturday and found it. Knew nothing about it and I work in the industry.