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  1. sxchamp03

    My 426f

    how you like that e series?
  2. sxchamp03

    aftermarket fuel screw?

    just got one yesterday as well and wasent sure how to install it either.
  3. sxchamp03

    New CHM Exhaust

  4. sxchamp03

    Need Stock Head Pipe for 426

    if it is the full e series for sale check ur pms.
  5. sxchamp03

    New CHM Exhaust

    does anyone know if the 03 yz450 CHM exhaust would fit on the 01 yz 426. I know its a long shot but i was just wondering.
  6. sxchamp03

    New CHM Exhaust

    where could i pick one of them up?
  7. sxchamp03

    2001 yz426 mods

    does anyone know how much the 03 yz exhaust cam is compared to the price of the hot cam?
  8. sxchamp03

    2001 yz426 mods

    i just bought a used 2001 yz426 and was thinking about putting some new parts on it since its stock except for a new tire. Besides puttin on a new chain and fork seals on it i was thinking about putting the 03 decompression cam in and a new exhaust so i just wanted to know what success ppl had with other exhausts. thanks, bryan
  9. sxchamp03

    450f or 250f?

    4 strokes have really came along way. i dont care if its a 2 stroke or a4 stroke i just want a low maintance, fast bike that will fit my need and it happens to be a 450. I just cant afford to do top ends every season its a pain. thanks for the input
  10. sxchamp03

    450f or 250f?

    ive never had a chance to ride a 250f or 450f but im looking to buy one since i just sold my 03 ktm 125sx since it didnt have enough power. i ride trails alot but still go to the track also. does a 250 have much more power than a 125 2 stroke? i also read alot about people gettin 450fs and then switching to a 250f. so what i want to know if would 450 be better or do you not even need that much power and does a 250f have enough power? sorry about the newbie question but i have to find out some way
  11. sxchamp03

    Loss of a parent

    im terribly sorry to hear that. god bless
  12. sxchamp03

    What do you think of my bike ....

    wow thats nice. now go get it dirty