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  1. CanRider

    mirror, mirror on the bars....

    Excellent. I have the same issue. They look handy and are reasonably priced.
  2. CanRider

    mirror, mirror on the bars....

    Thanks gnath, I googled as well. Found a few after market companies for them. http://www.moto-science.com/products/ktm-folding-mirrors http://www.touratech-usa.com/Store/3474/PN-040-0760/Folding-mirror-length-adjustable Just looking at options.
  3. CanRider

    mirror, mirror on the bars....

    Focus, do you have a link to the product you are using?
  4. I pull a 5x10 open trailer with a 2002 Land Rover Discovery 2. Seats 7, 4.0 Liter V8.
  5. Anodizing is normal. (Turning Purple/Blue) its all normal. I like that look, I think it looks sick.
  6. CanRider

    Who's all got an 07??

    07 FOR ME!!!! ITS ALL SWEETNESS. Did own a 01 YZ426F. That was too much of a brute, went to the 250f
  7. I think this is a very good place to start. I also purchased a 2007 Yz250F and had to adjust the idle screw for that same reason.
  8. CanRider

    Insurance Companies

    I have searched the forums, so as to not repost this topic. I can not find something specific to Canadian Insurance Companies. I recently purchased a 2007 YZ250f and can not find a company that offers full insurance. Do you know of any companies that deal strictly with offroad bikes? I am getting really frustrated with the lack of support in this area. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  9. CanRider

    Ottawa area riders??

    I am in Petawawa, but there is a small group here that rides together. We ride all over the ottawa valley. PM for my email address.
  10. CanRider

    Considering a 125.

    Any riders out there on the new yz125's I need your advice. I currently ride a yz426f. Race, and trail ride. The bike in my opinion is a great all around 4 stroke. I am in great physical shape, and can handle the weight. Lately though, I have been riding some friends 125's. Ie 2006 yz125, KTM 125 SX. I love the feel of these bikes, nicely tuned and cared for. My question is, I am looking to purchase a brand new bike. I am convinced on two stroke, but I am questioning a 250, because I want something I can really ride "all out". On a 125 I feel I can ride it to its max, and really enjoy the ride. Should I consider something bigger? I weigh 195, 6'2" and race beginer. Thanks for any light you can shed on this topic....
  11. CanRider

    Probable Repost **Mod List**

    I bought a CRF100F for my girl friend. She blazed through the beginning learning curve like a fat kid on smarties. I digress; So now we have a bike with too short of a first gear. I have heard of some sprocket changes and what not, and I think I will definitely change teeth #'s. Anyways, to get back on track. What is a decent list of mods that I could throw into the bike, that make it a little more suited to motocross riding and her ever increasing skill level. Thanks.
  12. CanRider

    FREE BEER!!! And New Motocross track

    Thank you very much for the resources. I have exhausted those sites, and I am in contact with C.M.R.C. Trying to find where the need for the business would be.
  13. CanRider

    under water yz 426

    I think BergArabia makes some very solid, and thoroughly thought out points. How mechanically inclined are you? Do you feel that you could pull it apart yourself? I recently did an entire rebuild, and it cost me 300 or so for parts. I had bent a shifting fork. I think, if you have the time, the place and the know how to tear it down, I would give it a shot. You could in the end, save upwards of 1000 dollars. You might even feel really proud after pulling it down, and redoing all that work and having the satisfaction of saying Yeah, I rebuilt it, I feel confident.
  14. CanRider

    FREE BEER!!! And New Motocross track

    I have been doing my research, and gathering information. One of three locations, Bancroft, North bay area, and Peterborough and the Kawarthas area. Please stay tuned for a full Survey that I would appreciate your assistance in completing. Thanks Guys.
  15. CanRider

    Any 426 Owners Out There?

    Is the exhaust in clean condition? no major dents? Rad Guards, and Exhaust Clamp. Jamie411@hotmail.com