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  1. alex-t9

    bike needs reserve to start

    hey sometimes when i start my bike i need to turn it to reserve for it to start regardless if its warm or not. i had a quarter tank when this was happening. once it starts i turn it to "on" and it runs fine. anyone know why this happens? thanks
  2. alex-t9

    clutch gone?

    anybody knows whats going on or have had this happen to their bike before?
  3. alex-t9

    clutch gone?

    When my ttr 125l is in gear and i pull the clutch all the way in when the engine is off, the rear wheel locks when i move the bike as if i dont have the clutch engaged at all. i adjusted the free play accordingly to the manual but it didnt do anything. is there anything else i could adjust that would fix it? I havent changed my oil for a while (bike's been sitting and keep forgetting to buy oil) but its still at the right level. any suggestions? do you think my clutch is gone? thanks
  4. alex-t9

    wr street legal in bc

    Hey guys, has anyone licensed their wr 250/450 in bc? what do you need to put on it for it to be street legal? ill be getting my driving license soon but have no interest in owning a truck and im not willing to give up dirt biking so i have decided to get a wr and street legalize it and then just buy a car. thanks.
  5. alex-t9

    Asking to much?

    dam! bikes in the states are sooo much cheaper than here. your bike here in bc would go for 2500 cad. 1700 usd is 1786 cad lol sorry if that didnt help at all but from seeing other guys selling their ttr, i think your asking price is just about spot on.
  6. alex-t9

    TTR Pricing - 2004 225

    id say sell it for at least 2700 cad. ttr 125s go for around 2400 used in bc. my friernd bought a 2002 xr200 for 3000. just some prices to compare around.
  7. alex-t9

    clutch question

    alright thanks thats some good news.
  8. yea im pretty sure going bald is hotter than just short hair. Atleast when you have some hair it blocks some of the light rays where as when your bald its shining straight onto you.
  9. alex-t9

    clutch question

    hey, i searched and no one really seemed to have the same question as me. Anyways, i have a ttr-125l and when im in gear and i ppull in the clutch, it has resistance compared to when i push my bike in neutral, is that normal? Then, yesterday i had my bike on my toolbox as a stand and i started it up. Pulled the clutch in fully and right when i put it in first the back wheel moved. i tried using the brake to see if it would stop, it would stop but then jsut start moving again. is my clutch gone or does it need to be adjusted? My clutch lever was pulled in fully and i never let it out at all when i put it in first but the back wheel still moved as if there was no clutch at all. Is this normal? Thanks
  10. alex-t9

    What would you price it??

    on the buysells in my area good condition ttrs from 2002 and newer usually go for 2200 - 2700 canadian.
  11. alex-t9

    Bike Photoshop Jobs... post them here

    These are what i did a year ago or so. all of the pictures were stock bikes before i photoshopped them. My TTR cr85 kx125 yz125 crf450r
  12. alex-t9

    unussual company

    yeye pinoy pride baby. haha im going next year but too bad i cant bring my bike
  13. alex-t9

    Pics of Where you Ride

    yea i love it, its the best riding i do
  14. alex-t9

    My Mom Just got Sponsored!!

    haha its better than harry potters lol nice.
  15. alex-t9

    CR125, YZ125, KTM125, RM125 or KX125

    yz is the tallest tho. its 39" seat height and i know the kx rm and cr are 37" seat height. i have the same problem as you as im also short at 5'5" but i weigh only 115 pounds.