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  1. Well, it is done. I couldn't pass up this little beauty
  2. Hello all, I have a 2013 Chevy 1 ton Duramax Diesel and I'm currently towing a 35' Cougar travel trailer. So I've got the horse already to pull a variety of trailers. I have 3 kids that are getting into riding and my wife also has a dirt bike that she wants to ride more so we are considering selling the Cougar to get a Toy Hauler. I would like to have something as long, or a little longer, as what we have now so the kids can have their space and we can have ours. I don't mind tip outs. I've thought about a 5th Wheel but don't want to lose my bed for carrying wood and other camping supplies, or possibly my daughters quad. What are some bumper pull/tow behind Toy Haulers that would be good for a family of five hauling: 350 KTM SFX 2 Honda 50's TTR 125 125 Raptor ATV Any advice out there is much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hello out there, Myself, my wife and my 5 year old twins all have motorcycles and are wanting to get into some family camping trips this year that involve some riding. The only problem is my 9 year old daughter doesn't like dirt bikes (she ran into 2 trees on my twins 50) however when she was their age she used to have a Polaris Scrambler 90 and seemed to like it. I sold it because I felt she didn't ride it enough and was more focused on princesses at the time. But now that she sees a couple of her friends ride ATV's and knows we want to do some trail camping she's getting interested again. Only problem is I know nothing about quads since I've been on two wheels all my life and am unsure what a good beginner quad would be for her that she could grow into. I found a 2011 Raptor 125 in excellent condition but I'm worried about the manual clutch since she'll be learning all over again at some level. However it seems like the perfect size for her since it's in-between a 90 and 250. However I've also read some older posts on here where people have their 9 year olds riding 90's still. So now I'm not sure what to do and am looking for some advice. Help!
  4. Thanks BRRAAP.....I'll do you one better, they can see me smiling from space! :-)
  5. I do "just ride" but I also take pride in maintaining my bike and protecting it where there are flaws. Some of my buddies with the "it's a dirt bike just ride" attitude are always the ones we're towing back to camp because of their lack of focus on maintenance or other small issues that increase over time without attention.
  6. I'm sure others have seen this but my cable is scraping my front number plate. How do you stop this from happening?
  7. jeff_wsu

    Spark arrester on stock sfx models?

    I fixed the problem :-)
  8. I bought this RS-4 off of Amazon and was able to apply my Discover card points against it. It was $380 full price, I paid $300 with the points. It was shipped from Rocky Mountain ATV. So I feel okay about it but there may be better deals out there.
  9. It has arrived! My small project today.
  10. jeff_wsu

    2014 350 SX-F Clutch Pull

    Mine feels the same way. My YZ450f had an aftermarket hydraulic clutch on it and it was so easy to pull you didn't know it was there. My 14 KTM 350sfx definitely has a stronger/tighter pull that I hope will get easier as I break it in. Let me know if it starts to lighten up with more hours.
  11. Looking for one to protect my precious stock pipe. Anyone know of a good one out there?
  12. jeff_wsu

    350 xcf '14 exhaust?

    Just ordered me up a Yosh slip on for my 2014 350 sxf. They look nice and from what ive been reading add good power, my buddy has a 2012 with one on it and he said not only does it quiet it down some but it added some low end grunt as well. Can't wait!
  13. Just ordered me up a yoshi today. Can't wait.
  14. jeff_wsu

    2014 350 SX-F

    Mines all stock right now but on the way is a yoshi exhaust