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  1. SBA

    bbr 230

    You are right, it is stiffer and not as plush and a total pain to adjust/remove the carb. I do really like the lower weight, smaller wheels and smaller stature. When I built them in the fall of 2002, the electric starter was a bonus to me; I got tired of starting up her XR 250 when she dropped it. We have not been high milers or consistant riders since we had the kids. Our overall fun factor has improved with the smaller bikes versus the XR 250's. A CRF150 (electric start) with a big bore kit, shock work and weight removal might get you a lighter/better overall value fun bike. Of course, your mileage may vary. (no problem here on tightening up the shock mount)
  2. SBA

    bbr 230

    I built one for my wife and one for myself. We have enjoyed them completely. We had XR 250's (250lbs) and even though I lowered hers, she was never comfortable and could not pick it back up easily. The smaller overall size helps make the more technical trails easier also. I have limited time on a track but it was fun.
  3. SBA

    Crf230f Jetting

    I have the 2003 230's in the BBR/CR80 conversions. I am using UNI filters and BBR exhaust with the stock baffle insert. Originally I was using 42's in the pilots and a 130's in the mains, clip in the middle slot. I was getting harder starting/longer choke use, 1/8th throttle stumble and full throttle rich. The plug was clean and white at idle-1/8th, black and sooty at full throttle, also the engine would not hit the rev limiter. I did try every screw setting and moved the clip down. One bike did ok with the clip down, the other did not like that at all. I put the clips back in the middle position and installed 45 pilots and 125 mains (shop had to order 120's) based on Coeshow's recommendations. Once I got the fuel and idle screws set, they idled better, eliminated the 1/8th throttle stumble and hit the rev limiter. Due to the length of my street, I was able to shift up to 4th where I was still trying to wind out 3rd before. Even with these improvements I was still getting a richer plug condition than I though was ideal. When I got the 120 mains I installed them and we did a day of trail riding. The bikes ran the best they ever had and started better, even after one being dropped on its side. Full throttle runs also gave the plug a better tan color. So far I have been pleased with a 45/120 jet combination.
  4. SBA

    Street Legal

    Is the front tread pattern different from the rear like the J.C. Whitney photo, or are they the same? They have 2 part #'s for each size.
  5. SBA

    Red hot header pipe

    I was getting the same plug readings with a 42 pilot and 130 main. I put in a 45 pilot and 125 main (ordered the 120 main). Better throttle response, smoother midrange, winds out quicker and hit the rev limiter for the first time. Feels very quick. Will probabaly go with a 14 front sprocket. BBR pipe with stock baffle and UNI filter in a CR80 conversion.
  6. SBA

    Dual Sport 1 1/8" Fat bars?

    I use the Tag T2 "Mini Works" bars. They are narrower overall but still have a longer straight area for brake lever mounts, switches and such.