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  1. thanks so much, appreciate it all
  2. Hi all. I have never removed the front wheel from the bike for a change. I searched but was unable to locate a how to or a sticky with it in there. Can anyone give me the steps and tools needed? Thanks for your help
  3. i will be there friday, if i don't break a tooth the night before again:bonk: I am bringing a friend who is new to the dirt and riding a wr450. he has 40+ years on the street, so this will be a new experience for him. I am going to put him around the valley a bit and maybe he will feel comfortable. probably be up there 9-10ish. will post up thursday night before going.
  4. guys, might not be able to make it...just broke a crown on my tooth..and unless i can get this crazy glue to hold i need to see a dentist tomorrow. that stuff can hold a man to an i-beam, but not a crown on a tooth:excuseme: sorry about that...next time:cry:
  5. donovan-sterling camp is, i think, the second on the right after edison( the main area after the main gate. i will look for you guys around 0930. -carlos, swing up towards edison or sterling when you get moving.
  6. cool. crf450x in a f150. i usually stage at sterling. but, can swing over and meet you elsewhere if you choose. Jonathan
  7. i am open to the desert of gorman. hungry valley isn't so bad on weekdays, pretty much have the place to yourself. either or, i am open. if its gorman, maybe around 9-930? let me know!
  8. I might be able to make it. If you dont mind riding with an intermediate rider. It has been a while since I have taken the dirt bike out and need to readjust from the street...again!! I'm in west LA so maybe gorman unless you have other ideas?
  9. hey guys. i will be staging at sterling camp around 830-9ish. stone grey F150 CRF450X. -SRT426, i am just intermediate and can ride it all, just not at warp speed. you guys on target for being there?
  10. sounds great. i will be staging at sterling actually. but will cruise over and meet you after i gear up. lets see how i fare down below before heading up. i've riden tejon up to about arrastra but it was tough. see u in the am
  11. sounds good ogrider. do you have any fun loops you know through gorman? i usually just wander. was planning on running about 50miles so wasnt planning to bring any spaare fuel.
  12. didn't mean to confuse anyone, meant sterling camp @ 0830ish. DOH
  13. I think I will stick with more local areas till I get back in the riding groove. I am planning on Gorman just to tool around and burn a tank up. Hope you guys don't mind a slow poke anyways, planning on arriving at 0830is at edison. dark grey crew cab F150 and a CRF450X.
  14. how much farther out is silverwood. how difficult is the terrain
  15. i was going to try and be there around 0830 in sterling camp. just going to put around for 40 or 50 miles and get the feel back. i am open to meeting times and meeting new folks though. or exploring something new if you don't mind keeping and easy pace. i am coming from the west LA