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  1. Last weekend the MX3 world championship started @ Talavera de la Reina, Spain. Amazing Euro track
  2. plons pics from friday
  3. some pics of the mxdn,
  4. quote from Ben Townley after the race ...... Ben Townley: “In the first race I did not get a very good start but I came through pretty quickly and I was desperate that the leaders would not get away. I went down when the front slipped away from me. Vuillemin and Ramon went through but I soon overtook them again. I was pushing hard but then Windham crashed and that gave me the lead. In the second moto my goggles broke on the line and I completely fluffed the start. Again I wanted to get to the front as soon as possible and I got close to Ricky, trying as hard as I could, but could not get close enough. I just did my best for the Europeans. The time for all this ‘they are better than us, we are better than them’ stuff now has to stop. Ricky is the best rider in the world and after him it is a lot less obvious.”
  5. we can go on forever ... bring the American team to Lierop (Holland) and they even don't make the podium. the facts : RC owns MX and SX Case closed for me
  6. Tedesco and Windham aren't better than the Euro's. Let them race in the Gp's and they will have probs to get worldchamp. They are the current national champ and the number three in the open class. They will have problems to beat guys like Coppins, Townley, Everts, Ramon ...... Just like all the other Americans beside RC and maybe Bubba. I'm talking abouth mx not sx. Again, the race i have seen today. .... RC the best of the world, no doubt abouth that. The other two ..... good but not better then the top euro's
  7. USA has the best MX riders in the world ??? Don' think so, they got RC, he's from another planet. But what i saw today in Ernee .......K dub and tedesco aren't much better than Ramon, Pichon, Townley, Coppins and the other top Euros. Look out for Townley next year, in the last heat he did the same laptimes (or faster) then RC.
  8. pics of the paddock on friday
  9. nice pics, wish i was overthere