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  1. treed

    2004 yz 250f

    Do any of you know if a 2003 left case and 2004 are the same? I've found a 2003 and 2005 on ebay.
  2. treed

    2004 yz 250f

    Thanks Guys. I don't like the idea of half doing anything either Swede73, I will just suck it up and buy the new half case.
  3. treed

    2004 yz 250f

    I honestly don't think anything went inside.
  4. treed

    2004 yz 250f

    Thanks for the input. I've talked with someone I work with and he tells me he can weld it but the case needs to be split, steam cleaned for a good weld. I'm thinking if I go that direction I just as well buy a new left side case. Any thoughts?
  5. treed

    2004 yz 250f

    Please see attached photo. HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ANYBODY? CAN IT BE WELDED? Any suggestions? THX TONY .
  6. treed

    2004 yz 250f

    My chain broke and busted a hold in the side case. The hole is just above the front sprocket and is about 10 mm in diameter. Can this be welded? Has this happened to anyone and how did you fix it? I have a picture but cannot figure out how to attach. How do you attach a picture? Thx Tony tony.reed@insightbb.com