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  1. morse1

    spark plug

    thanks guys the plug is in fact a ngk d r8ea so its off to the auto parts store to buy the socket .19 mm
  2. morse1

    spark plug

    Hi all i have a 2005 yamaha ttr 230 does anyone know what size socket fits the plug ? thanks Larry
  3. morse1

    Stickers....Trick or Cheese?

    stickers slow me down
  4. morse1

    Stickers....Trick or Cheese?

    yamaha ttr no stickers they slow me down
  5. morse1

    sore butt

    Hi guys do any of you get a sore butt after about 2 hours of riding . Just wondering if it could be jeans i am wearing that make me sweat which in turns gives me chapped back side i have a ttr but i also have the same problem on my brothers vvt Thanks Larry
  6. morse1

    ontario riders

    Hi Manny i am in montreal qc can you tell me where the trails are just bought a new yamaha ttr 230 thanks Larry
  7. There must be someone in Montreal if so where do you ride ? Larry
  8. morse1

    Is the 230 really that much greater than the 225?

    Hi just bought mine on june 29 05 have ony 3 hours on it and so far runs great . Larry Montreal Quebec
  9. Funny you should ask .I bought a 2005 yamaha ttr 230 on june 29 05 . Larry