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  1. thanks guys the plug is in fact a ngk d r8ea so its off to the auto parts store to buy the socket .19 mm
  2. Hi all i have a 2005 yamaha ttr 230 does anyone know what size socket fits the plug ? thanks Larry
  3. stickers slow me down
  4. yamaha ttr no stickers they slow me down
  5. Hi guys do any of you get a sore butt after about 2 hours of riding . Just wondering if it could be jeans i am wearing that make me sweat which in turns gives me chapped back side i have a ttr but i also have the same problem on my brothers vvt Thanks Larry
  6. Hi Manny i am in montreal qc can you tell me where the trails are just bought a new yamaha ttr 230 thanks Larry
  7. There must be someone in Montreal if so where do you ride ? Larry
  8. Hi just bought mine on june 29 05 have ony 3 hours on it and so far runs great . Larry Montreal Quebec
  9. Funny you should ask .I bought a 2005 yamaha ttr 230 on june 29 05 . Larry