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  1. Motoscramble

    engine problems, please help

    i checked my fuel line and it was fine, my gas is all clean, and i cleaned my carb a couple weekes ago but ill do it again. I just went out and rode it today and it was riding fine but im sure it will act up if i ride it longer like yesterday.
  2. I have a 2004 yz250f and has alot of hours on it. I was riding my track yesterday and my bike ran great for the first hour or so than my bike started to bog on the top end. It didnt bog much but it was off and on. I dont think it is the valves because i checked them a couple of months ago and they hadnt moved at all. anyone have any ideas? piston, rings?
  3. Motoscramble

    What 250f has th emost power??

    and if u were gonna be the next rc u would not be racing B class right now. U would have got noticed oon ur 80 and would have got a FACTORY SPONSERSHIP and would be racing and wining A class at age 14.
  4. Motoscramble

    What 250f has th emost power??

    Ktoom u piss me off i dont even ride a suzuki but i just wanna diss on u cuz u sound like ur a bi**h. O im sponsered by a ktm dealer! i stupid dealer wow. U R A B RIDER!!!!! wat do u get 10 perecent off on parts? give me a call when u go pro which u wont. u r stupid o they think im gonna be the next rc,wat did ur daddy tell ut hat? hahaha! wats ur name? i know ive never herd of u
  5. Motoscramble

    What 250f has th emost power??

    KTM is unrealiable, im not gonna lie it wasent worth the money as my friend says. My yami puts out more power than his 06 ktm and mines and 04 but it is piped. The carb blow an dhe has always had jetting problems. THe only thing that is nice is the hydro clutch.
  6. Motoscramble

    Help fellow riders!!!

    im gonna he to say stay away from both of them. My friend just spent 800 bucks o t4 system and it did nothing. I would say to go with the FMF Power bomb or mega bomb header and the fmf Q2 muffler or the factory 4.1. I run the fmf powerbomb header witht the 4.1 muffler and it is the fastest bike around.
  7. Motoscramble

    YZ250f valves

    thanx guys
  8. Motoscramble

    YZ250f valves

    I have a 2004 Yz250f and i was wondering if anyone new wat to do when checking ur valves. Or just any tips? like what do I look for and what do i measure? ive seen some nasty things done to a yamaha when you dont check the valves.
  9. Motoscramble

    Ticking noise

    I have been told that ticking is bad and it had to do with the valves. WHile you have ur engine split check ur valves. Ive seen some nasty stuff of what happens when u mess ur valves up. It costed the guy $1,250 just in parts not including service hours!! and he got a discount cuz he was a friend of the dealer. well good luck
  10. Motoscramble

    bigger gas tank for a 250sxf?

    who started last year? and is already in B class? who has been racing for many years? and should be a AA rider? turd eat my trolls
  11. Motoscramble

    bigger gas tank for a 250sxf?

    dont kid urself u pooped and triped in it and smacked ur nose on ur orange turd. but if u had a yamaha that wouldnt have happened.
  12. Motoscramble

    bigger gas tank for a 250sxf?

    Darn Trolls!! They Eat Everything!!!!!!!!!
  13. Motoscramble

    bigger gas tank for a 250sxf?

    ok turdski good luck beating me on ur orange turd. Try not to break down on ur little ''orange rocket". get rid of it yamaha is giving 0% interest for 2 years!!!!!!!!
  14. Motoscramble

    bigger gas tank for a 250sxf?

    Just get rid of that piece of poop. BUy a yz250f.
  15. Motoscramble

    Blown out plug!!

    Vet you will most likely need to buy a longer bolt, atleast i had to for my 04. Im glad i can help.