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  1. Mostly for more cooling on the air cooled motors, and partly for marketing.
  2. fuelbender

    Husky plastic vendors

    Thanks, you guys rule! and in metric. I am prematurely senile; more ginko.
  3. fuelbender

    Husky plastic vendors

    I was on the net yesterday and I found a site (in the U.S.) that sells complete husky plastics, but I forgot the site does anyone know the name. I have an 04 tc. thanks.
  4. fuelbender

    '83 XL600R desperation

    You can intake manifolds on ebay; if not i might have a few. If your carbs are unmodified you can only turn your mixture screw 1/2 turn due to a lip on it(you can cut it off) Your bike is running lean, maybe very lean; your symptoms match this, The aftermaket pipe will make it run lean if it hasn't been re-jetted in addition to your air leak. The carbs aren't bad; they open progessively and allow that bike to get good gas milage. The only other carb options are a set of RD 350\400 carbs but you have to make cables for it. Just keep what you got. Get a manual, change the intake boot, and clean your carbs out with carb cleaner and compressesd air. The idle system is the first to get clogged. Make sure air blows through it. Those bikes ran lean to begin with compared to the XRs.
  5. fuelbender

    Aluminum-Frame TT500

    The idea is neat but the 2 biggest obstacles that swaps involve Is the height of the new motor and getting the right location of the countershaft. The tt motor is about 19" tall; alot taller than a compact 450. Measure where the 450 sprocket goes and compare to a tt . The only way to know for sure is to mock it up. There would be alot of mods in any case.
  6. fuelbender

    dual carb conversion

    For the most part dual carbs only offer more performance if the cross sectional area is larger and then its only at higher rpm's. A 40mm carb has as much area as 2 28mm carbs. The xr carbs are a little difficult to jet because of the progressive linkage; both carbs open at different rates. On smaller singles there is no significant horsepower advantage to dual carbs. All the current 450s make about 50hp with a single carb. The biggest advantage to dual carbs is that with stepped openings you can get better gas mileage and sometimes better throttle response.
  7. fuelbender

    SR500 Wheels

    You didn't mention if your bike was disc or drum in the back; they made both. If it is a drum then a xt 500 rear drops in. You could also use a dt250-400 rear hub(74-77). If you want to save a little more weight and want a bigger rear brake then a tt500 works with an early yz brake plate, you can use the tt plate if you want to weld a tab for it. A 77 and later xs650 front wheel drops in also; If you go that route an fzr600 disc bolts on to the wheel. stoppies! Be careful if you want to fork swap as the sr xt tts use a short stem and bigger yamahas use the longer stems.
  8. fuelbender

    93 XR650L vs 96 XR600R - HELP !

    Look at the specs; the 600 is lighter( no battery or electric start ) You could convert it though. Either put an xl600 cyl with xr650 piston (100mm bore) you have to deck the cyl though or convert the 650. Honda lists the 600 at 286# and the 650l at 324# I did the first with a 101 bore and made it a 640; whata difference!
  9. fuelbender

    Weird trivia question...Grease 2 "scrambler"

    because I am a moto geek. It's my panny dee.
  10. fuelbender

    Weird trivia question...Grease 2 "scrambler"

    It was a CL72(250cc) or CL77(305cc) same motor as the old superhawks but they used different frames. who's that guy?
  11. fuelbender

    Yamaha SR 500 track bike

    It depends on the rules (steamlining etc) My old tt500 streetracker would do 90 fairly easy just with a pipe an flatslide ( before the major mods) A well designed fairing would help more than motor mods. Air resistance increases exponentialy; you double the speed you quadruple the wind ressistance. Some fully faired race bikes in the 70s were hitting over 130 mph with only 50hp.
  12. fuelbender

    xt600 89'

    I have a 99 xt350 I might want to trade; PM me.
  13. fuelbender

    Yamaha SR 500 track bike

    Oh, and by the way if you do go with 17s you're really going to have to jack the bike up for ground clearance; the chain will rub on the swingarm. 18s with good rubber already drag pegs and pipes. Avon makes 18s that are like glue;most of the vintage guys use em(am22 &am23).
  14. fuelbender

    Yamaha SR 500 track bike

    I have done many suspension conversions and the fzr600 disc actually bolts on the xs hub, depending on what caliper you are going to use you may have to space your disc and or caliper. If you are interested i have a set of SRX forks with a sr500 stem in it. I have both wheels and all the stuff you need to bolt it on. You have to change the swing arm to a yamaha radian or srx (which is much stiffer anyway) the forks are36mm front wheel is 2.15x18" dual disc rear is 2.75x18" The whole set up is much lighter than the stock round anchors.Let me know if you are interested or have any swap ?s.
  15. fuelbender


    the radial valve 500s & 600s interchange many parts. Yes you can swap rocker covers. If you wanted, a 600 or 650 crank swaps too but you would need a counterbalancer from the same and a xl600 xr650(100mm) jug If you use a xr600 crank(80mm) with a xr650 piston youd have to deck the jug. The valves are the same.But enough already i'm geeking out.pm me if you got any ?s