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  1. Thanks gents...that did it! Pads off, bit of fine grit sandpaper on 'em to take the glaze off and now they ride nice a quiet. I'm beholdin'.
  2. Hope I didn't waste too much of your time, Noble. A serious bonehead moment on my part. Ah and learn, eh?
  3. '02 DRZ400E. Front brakes are really starting to make a racket when I clamp hard on them. Plenty of pad still left and the rotor doesn't look wonky. Ideas? Maybe the pads are "glazed" a bit or the rotor is warped? I guess my first thought is to swap out the pads but open to someone providing an AH HA moment if there is some additional wisdom. Thanks.
  4. Got it figured out guys. Thanks!
  5. '02 400E. Trip meter works fine except it won't reset back to zero. Spinning the dial either direction does nothing. Anyone take one of these apart? Anything repairable inside or is it just time to buy a new one? Anyone try to mount up the Baja Designs speedo/trip? Doesn't look like the mount would line up perfect but couldn't be too hard to fashion up a bracket of some sort.
  6. wrench-savvy help needed.. still fine tuning and de-bugging a used 02 DRZ400E. running pretty good but messing with the idle is kinda fruitless because the bike will "hang" and "unhang" onto a high-idle, like you have the throttle on a little. so most of the time its idling really fast, then without any warning it will drop to "normal" kind of putt-putt and idles well [pretty steady for a thumper]. then it will idle up again as soon as you go somewhere... hang there. it spends most of its time in fast-idle mode. any of you experienced this and know what I can do? the carb on this bike is really difficult to see anything on so I can't tell if its squeezed in such a way that the cable is binding or what. the cable up at the throttle-grip end looks and feels normal. its snapping back well and there's nothing impeding movement on that end. ??? thx D9
  7. Confirmed with Unabiker today (the owner no less) that the rad guard inside tabs go right next to the bike frame between the bike and the radiator so that dispels that notion about the reason for the poor install. Best justification he was able to provide for a troubled install was that he's often seen the tank mount tabs on the bike get bent/moved forward (towards the front tire) thus causing the whole installation to be off. I will check it out but not thinking that is my case.
  8. Hey recall if you installed the face guard on the inside of the radiator mount ears on both sides as discussed above? I still need to get back up to the shop and find the instructions but pretty sure they say that the inside goes against the frame (between the frame and the rad ear.)
  9. You're saying then that the guards mount to the inside of the radiator mount ears on both sides? I have mine (per instructions I thought) next to the frame (or outside of the rad mount ear) and inside the mount ear on the outside of the radiator.
  10. BT...sounds like you know my pain personally. I have already done all that you recommend, but like my OP says...I can't get the left side tank-mount brace to line up right. The plastic shrouds have been off since I began so not a problem there (could the install even be done with the shrouds in place?) I don't like how the brace arms are pinching my rad hose and pushing it up against the rad itself. Didn't you run into clearance issues there? Seems like every other E owner has that I have read.
  11. I appreciate the sentiment but I am not an impatient man. Five hours of labor time and a lot of head scratching are unacceptable for something like this and warrant complaint to the company (I will) and request for insight from the riding community at large (I did.) The linked-to thread is only helpful if you are installing the 400S or SM guards. The E/K models are designed differently and install differently and are, unfortunately, the model that seems to cause the most grief. Look for yourself, you will see that clearly documented online (including here at TT.)
  12. Killing myself over here trying to successfully mount the Unabiker Radiator Guards on my 2002 DRZ400E/K. Like many other posts I have read about tough installs on certain bikes, the right side mounted up OK (I did have to drill/dremel several holes that didn't line up properly) but the LEFT SIDE...OMG!!!!!!! The Zed E's do seem to consistently be the toughest installs from my searching of the net. Worked on it with a buddy for three hours yesterday (and this after working on it for two hours last week by myself) and finally walked away with the job unfinished. NOTHING lines up right. Had to completely drill two new mounting holes in the inside guard tab (part that snugs up between the radiator and frame mount.) Then I had to dremel down part of the inside tab on the radiator so that the lower cross brace would fit. Now, I can't get the tank bolt brace to fit w/o it seriously pinching the rad hose and or pushing the hose right up against the rear fins of the rad. I have tried spacers at the tank bolt hole and turning the rad hose either way to no avail. If I just brute force the thing on, the bottom outside bolt holes don't line up at all so the shroud won't install right. And again...the rad hose is right up touching he fins of the rad. How big a deal is that anyway if I can get everything else re-engineered to work? Does someone have any other pointers before I tear these things off and throw them in the trash? I have emailed UNABIKER but have not received any reply.
  13. I actually ended up with the Gladiator stuff. Will be screwing in four 2' lengths in various locations and already have several of their convenient storage/organization pieces in hand. Looks very sturdy and i spent less than $100 for everything (versus $150 for just a paper towel holder like some I have seen!?) Will post some pics after the install this weekend.
  14. Who has used (or at least seen) both? What are the pros and cons of each system and why? Thinking about adding one of these systems to my 6X12 enclosed trailer for additional storage/carrying/hanging options. Fasttrack: Gladiator:
  15. My wife and I just returned from a 7 day cruise up to Skagway/Juneau/etc.. Already making plans to ride the 1200GSA up next summer. Amazing country up there and a must-do for any adventure rider. Thanks for sharing your travels with us!