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  1. I have a 05 yz 250f my clutch seems extremely hard to pull. What is the best thing to do in this situation.
  2. thanks a lot mxracernumber1 your thoughts are greatly appreciated. all that will be very helpfull. let me know if anyone else has any thoughts, the more the merrier.
  3. thanks for the advice. i now have two 18 foot doubles and the ramps are about 3ft tall. i was wondering if i wanted a triple double single possible rythme section how high should i make the ramps and the distances between the jumps and landing/jumps.
  4. thanks for the web sites. the only problem is those web sites don't say distences between jumps. i am wondering how far to put my landings away from ramp.
  5. I am building a mx track for the first time. I have tons of room and am wondering if anyone could help with sizes and distances of jumps. I have one tabletop and have started some woops. I would like to build a rythem section and i can't find any help on dimensions. if anyone could help i would love it. Thanks. JDB
  6. hey bud sorry i couldn't go this weekend wish i could. i just got back from boston last night and wed. leaving for montana for a week. i will keep an eye out for when i get back from montana for a ride though. hope you have fun.
  7. hey guys, looking for some people to ride with this weekend. i would like to ride some sort of mx tracks but anything will do. let me know.
  8. thanks for all the info guys. i'll check into this. anyone going this weekend.
  9. you know i'll be there, thanks for the invite, josh
  10. i'm actually between greenville and anderson. anyone want to ride any tracks let me know.
  11. i like to do both. would like to do some woods if i had someone to go with.
  12. hi i just moved here from montana. i'm looking to meet some people to ride with. or at least get some info on some places to ride. thanks alot.