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  1. are you happy with your Alpinestar Tech 4's?
  2. outback

    WR Engine Noise

    i had the same questioin when i got my WR too. after talking to guys on TT i decided to replace the cam chain. theyre only $55 and a vital component. all said and done, the noise seems (i think) to be gone. but from what iv read on TT top end noise is normal as there's alot of moving bits up top. a mate has a KTM 450 and it has some top end noise too which put me at ease. if the engine hasnt done many klms id leave things be. if your mechanically inclined and the engine has done a few klms (mine had done 4000), i'd replace it just to be safe. some guys on here replace there's quite often. id check your valve clearances too either way.
  3. outback

    Standard Suspension

    After seraching related threads i would appreciate a simple straight answer regarding my suspension setup to conclude the info i have gathered. I have 02 Wr250F, standard suspension all round (to the best of my knowledge) with sag set correctly and i have all adjustement clicks set to standard from manual ( i thought that was a good place to start). I have checked spring rate on racetech.com and it advises 4.84 for my weight which is good as the standard from factory in bike is 4.8 it also told me. Im happy with the bike handling trails etc, but it bottoms out quite easily on the odd smallish jump over 1m-1.5m drop. Am i being a little too naive in thinking i can achieve a happy medium riding trails & jumps with the standard package? hence why after market suspension is a legitimate buissness. Or does it sound like my bike may have a lighter rear spring rate than the standard 4.8? Or can i get close to my happy medium by adjusting the low/high/rebound compression dampening Thanks?
  4. outback

    magneto busted!

    yeh thanks. i have located a stator rewind shop in who can rewind it for 1/4 of the price of a new one. all good.
  5. outback

    magneto busted!

    yeh point taken. but the puller i was using worked fine, it was its operator that didnt really pay attention to detail.
  6. outback

    magneto busted!

    iv managed to inflict some fatal damage to the magneto/stator (the copper windings) on my 2002 wr250 while pulling off the rotor. (i screwed in the puller bolts in a little too far ). is there an afternmarket magneto available? the genuine yamaha one will cost me $400AUS which is a small fortune considering all i was doing was replacing a $50 cam chain. im hoping there is a cheaper alterntative out there. iv done some searching on the net but havnt found anything yet.
  7. outback

    WR-F On road???

    hey mate i ride my wr250f daily on the road for about 15mins to work each way, and may travel up to 30mins on the road on the way to a ride in the bush. all up iv done about 3000 road klms. besides the bike being quite uncomfortable over a long distance, the odd squirt here and there on the road hasnt been a problem for me. cruising on the highway at high revs is though as its standard gearing only allows 80kph comfortabley. tyre selection is a big consideration aswell. good tyres for the bush are dangerously slippery in the wet and the bike vibrates like crazy. if you want a dirt bike first road bike second, then a WR is the way to go.
  8. outback

    timing chain guide

    thanks for the advice mate. its been extremely helpful.
  9. outback

    timing chain guide

    thats what i guessed by looking at the in-line for assembly detail in the manual, but i was hoping not. anyway, as you said, the chain will come off by taking off the pivoting guide only. i did manage to squeeze the chain out, its a tight fit though, i was worried about damaging the crank shaft gear, but all is good. is it normal to have a small amount of wear on the crank gear? im guessing (hoping) it is considering its delivering the majority of the load onto the chain to the cams....??? but im still a bit worried about it.
  10. outback

    timing chain guide

    hey guys, urgent question im in the processs of replacing timing chain as we speak and i cant work out how to remove the chain guide on the exhaust side. can anyone help? thanks.
  11. outback

    dark residue found in oil

    no, my bike isnt brand new, its an 02 and has done a little over 4000klms (i comute to work on it). i thought at first fine shavings may be from the pivoting timing chain guide which rubs on the chain form the tensioner. then i read in another thread that the clutch can cause this in the oil.
  12. outback

    dark residue found in oil

    sorry, i just did some forum searches and it seems this is normal.
  13. is it normal to find a small amount of metal/residue in oil?
  14. outback

    Timing chain stretched?

    Thanks for your advice grayracer513 Yes its a bit stange that the chain condition may be in doubt at its relatively young age, and from what I can see it looks fine. But for the fact that it is an inexpensive item to replace (and an important one) I may aswell replace it.
  15. outback

    Timing chain stretched?

    is it good practice to replace the guides when replacing the chain because they are "mated" surfaces? the guides arnt particularly cheap over here.