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  1. will-i-am

    E Model to Street-Handling Problems!

    I changed the tires and installed the the rim locks. Of course the tires are out of balance they have a big piece of rubber in there. I see the LIGHT! Thanks for help! Those tires were a bitch to change, I'm so exited to do it again.
  2. will-i-am

    E Model to Street-Handling Problems!

    Thank for advice. I will switch the rear sprocket to a 44, 47 is a little low for street. Time to balance some wheels!
  3. Decided to make my 01 DRZ my commuter bike. Switched to mostly street tires and different gearing (15-47). Noticed the bike kind of hopped or bounced down the road. Thought with new tires would fix the problem, it didn't. Went all the way soft with clickers didn't help. Has any one experienced this problem? Do the tires need to be balanced? Are the stock springs to stiff for the street? Any help would be great, THANKS!
  4. will-i-am

    neoprene shock socks

    Ride 95% trails, had problems with fork seals in wet conditions. After my fourth seal replacement, installed the shock socks. Year later haven't changed a seal. Tip: run a second zip tie were the lower fork guides rub the sock. the guides will rub the zip tie and not wear a hole in the sock. Learned this the hard way.
  5. will-i-am

    Ring end Gap?

    Hello TTers, Looking for Ring End Gap for 03 CRF 450. Also piston to cylinder clearances, cylinder still has nice cross hatch pattern not to concerned with it. Imfo not in owners manual. Looks like time to buck-up and get the service manual CD.
  6. will-i-am

    New Piston?

    EXCELLENT ADVICE ! Thanks for all the help, Will-I-Am.
  7. will-i-am

    New Piston?

    Any pros or cons to using a wisco piston. Have always used stock honda parts. Going to replace valves and rebuild top end at the same time. Just wondering about durability of wicso? Thanks for any info.
  8. will-i-am


    Maxis IT rear works great, didn't like the IT in the front. Switched to Dunlop 952's front and rear, almost as good as the 756. They seen to wear like the IT's.
  9. will-i-am

    biodegradeable air filter oil

    I'm Guy #2 that's had a problem w/lite dust in the air box. Always used no-toil, very simple and clean. w/ my 450, seem to pull dust through. Second crf, both had this problem.
  10. will-i-am

    Fastway adjustable link

    I've spent lots of time w/mine, changing rebound and compression,and sag. Found the only setting I liked was the stock one. I could make the bike turn better, but the negative was a bike that was twitchy and had some weird things going on I couldn't figure out. I like a perdictable bike over a quick turner. I am trial rider that was looking to get rid of the front push. I was able to accomplish this, in return had a twitchy bike. I run it on the stock setting just for the bling factor! Hope this helps, and you have better results then me.
  11. will-i-am

    It sucks,dirt!

    I've had this problem w/stock filter and the twin air. It's the same w/two different bikes. It's very frustrating, and I know it eating the valve seats. ?-do you trail ride or mx.
  12. will-i-am

    It sucks,dirt!

    Anyone know where the dirt comes from ? This is my second crf (03) an both have always had a lite film of dust inside intake boot. I've resealed the air box, run twin air filters, and use no-toil filter oil. I bought the special twin air filter cage (told this would fix it, it didn't). Use lots of grease on rim of filter, Still have dust. Ti valves and dirt, very bad combo. I'm getting tired of replacing valves.