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  1. flux 450x

    whats a supermotard and how to make one?

    i think for a street tard.. a blke with a wide ratio trans or 6 speeds is best... crf 450X, wr 450, KTM excs(07 an 08) already street legal and have a 6 speed wide ratio trans.......
  2. if its just BS... than why(IMHO) is it more fun to ride a bike(dirt or street) that has a nice level torque curve???? for example, triumphs 1050 triple, or a 4 stroke dirt bike compaired to a 2 stroke... there easy to ride fast.... and as far as the dyno thing, some read acceleration so the same motor with a lighter flywheel or crank, will accelerate faster and have a higher HP and torque #s.. so, the #s dont mean that much but i think the curve is a good way to tell what personallity the motor will have...
  3. got any torque #s.... thats what counts... and HP #s will read low with nobbes, thay slip on the dyno.....
  4. flux 450x

    530 EXC R shipments

    i bought a ducati 1098 from them this year... will never buy from them agin.... :thumbsup: ..... my dealer looked right at his shipping papers from KTM and said 08 EXCs in april.....
  5. flux 450x

    530 EXC R shipments

    got $$ down on a 08 530 EXC ... in wisconsin the bikes wont show up untill april oh well... more time for the aftermarket to make goodys....
  6. flux 450x

    2008 EXCs

    the exc 450 and 530 R are the street legal bikes and the xc-w are the off road omly bikes......
  7. flux 450x

    08s.... ????

    any good right ups on the 08s yet???? euro bikes are out right?? looking at the EXC 450R or the 530. to conv. to a street legal supermoto.... i find it interesting that KTM went to a stroke diff rather than a bore diff to get the extra dissplacment on the new EXC motors.. should be cool to see how thay do.....
  8. flux 450x

    R motor in a L???????

    well.. even thou the motor swap might be fun... what i really want is a dirt bike motard for the street.... like my crf450X..... so..... orange it is.... im thinken 08 EXC 530R swiched to motard tires...... my crf was the most fun ive ever had on a bike:eek:
  9. flux 450x

    R motor in a L???????

    : no... if the vin # comes up as an off road omly bike, it dosnt have a fed. insp. sticker, so you have to show them at the DMV it has one....... or no plates, i even went as far as getting a title from a diff. state(to plate a crf 450X) in my name, and no dice......
  10. flux 450x

    R motor in a L???????

    ok... has anybody ever swaped a XR650R motor to a XR650L frame????? did a search but nothing......... the deal is, i would get a R and just plate it, but here in wisconsin it cant be done anymore:mad: ..... and theres no way around it(i tryed)...... so.... the way it looks the L motor is limited to about 50HP at the wheel.... so what do you guys think......
  11. flux 450x

    the aftermarket........

    thanx for the info... i checked out thumper racing, nice site....i also like the 660 build with the head porting,cam, etc. i also checked out web cams site, anybody try there 213/202 grind???? XRs omly has a nice site with some cool parts:thumbsup: to.....
  12. flux 450x

    the aftermarket........

    thinking about getting a used XR650L and building the motor.... my ? is who out there has done this?? ive rode a stock one and theres just not enough there... ive built alot of 4 strokes but never a air cooled 650... so.. who are the aftermarket parts supplyers for these things?? and whats the max over bore you can go, stroker cranks? best cam or custom grinds you have tryed? valve size? head porting? light high comp. piston? carbs??? ing. box mods????? i guess what im looking for is the max you can go on these and what were your results..... looking forward to hearing form you guys:thumbsup: thanx......
  13. flux 450x

    450 X head rebuild options.

    my X is a 05, so what ever size the valves were on a 05 R he used i think...
  14. flux 450x

    450 X head rebuild options.

    RHC....... port, 13.5 t0 1 piston, 187 cam, and R size valves and HD springs..... wicked:thumbsup: you wont stop smiling...
  15. flux 450x

    Any one using larger than 170 main?

    he did his full head port, R size valves and HD springs(with his coated valves so thay last longer) and i added his 13.5 to 1 JE piston and he did his carb. mod. ....(bored the carb. a few mm............ these motors are little bitches..... oh... and one of his cams...( 187 grind i think) .........................