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  1. deathcall

    Suzuki broken bearing yes/no??

    2day i did a ride with my Z and i was in a pit zone so i decide to do some jump....not a realy good idea ...after a jump i hear a small soud...like if somethihg was hittin something in my front left wheel.....not realy loudy but.....there was a soud that was doing my left wheel and not my right can someone confirm when a bearing is broken it is doing a small sound??
  2. deathcall

    Another exhaust question

    Put a full system because slip-on exhaust only give you soud and a REALLY litte bit of power.....but dont pu a pipe without a jet kit it wont wort it if you dont pu a jetting kit and an aftermarket air cleaner(K&N)
  3. deathcall

    Z400 Vs. Raptor?

    i got a z400 i ENSURE YOU buy this.....the ONLY difference between the raptor and the Z are these 1)SAME BOTTOM SPEED.....thats only because of the 660cc that the raptor go fastest than the suz BUT this is after you are in the 80-90 km/h 2)THE Z IS 20 POUND LESS THAN THE RAPTOR!!!and i ENSURE you....20 pound is heavy when you ''kick''a jump 3)Z engine=THE BEST YOU CAN HAVE FROM A QUAD!!simple as this.....the z engine i DONT KNOW why but its HARDER THAN HARD to destroy it.....the only mechanical ''failure''than you will get with this atv its the chain AND at each 6 month you got to check the valves(thats a safety mesure but if you dont do ''KICKIN ASS RIDING''(like me )you can wait to the annual 1 year OVERALL chekup at your dealer and all should be ok 4)This is the overall class atv....a begineer can begin with this WITHOUT any trouble and a pro can take this atv and kick the ass of a mod raptor EASELY....Z its the best and you got a thing that is proven....Z IS A MEGA-WHEELIE ATV ....you can do 1,2,3,4,5 on a wheelie...REALY COOL raptor too but is more cool to wheel a Z than a raptor
  4. deathcall

    END CAP...DAMN i get it off

    realy THX....i will buy a YOSH pipe and buy a k&n air filter...THX for the advice
  5. deathcall

    Z Vs. Banshee

    me too i have a z-400 and if u want to know something.....you will NEVER eat a banshee....1 the banshee nearly DIDNT evolve since their creation so....a 99' banshee or a 05' ITS THE SAME THING because the engine blow up each 2 year IF u ride like we do here in quebec.....but if u realy want to try to beat a banshee do it on a A SLIK surface banshee DONT GOT any traction they are only fast not torquey....and dont do this in atv trail....you will only damage you atv and thats all.....DO THIS ON A ROAD near the trail AND say to the guy that you want a 3 step to win 1) 3 try on STRAIGHT line 2)PITS..i guarantee you that your Z is a REAL pit machine and 3)WHEELIE CONTEST.....with this you realy know what is the potential of a atv.....srtaight line the banshee will REALY eat you....pits you are nearly equal to them because Z has a good torque and WHEELIE you REALY REALY REALY eat a banshee.....i got a stock 1 and i ensure you...nothig beat a z400..only the yamaha raptor can beat it for the wheelie.....
  6. deathcall

    Suzuki END CAP...DAMN i get it off

    hey guy....i got a big problem(excuse my english but im QUEBECESE so...)i got a z-400 STOCK with nothing on it that i just bought 1month ago(im not a begineer rider i already have a kvf650 so not so bad) and i wishe to had so..SOUND so i remove the endcap for better''performance''and sound....but there was i thing that i DIDN'T know its that when you remove your endcap you LOOSE compression....i did it and i ride nearly 14 hour without it...i didnt seen any change for the compression BUT a guy say me that i wont loose compression if i DON'T put again the endcap on it and if i buy a pipe i would not loose any compression at all....now i just DONT KNOW what to do and i need help...WHAT TO DO....put the endcap and see the compression going down or leave it like it is and buy a pipe..... i just dont know what to do....if u KNOW what to do say it because i dont want my Z-400 eat by a 4x4 in the trails ...I WOULD DIE IF IT WOULD HAPPEN
  7. deathcall

    Trail exhaust systems

    Me too i'm looking for a good pipe and if u REALY want good pipes this is my top 3 and all guys here in my small town will say same..... 1)YOSHIMURA(yosh) 2)PRO CIRCUIT 3)WHITE BROTHER these are all good pipes and me too i will try to tune it for a yosh 1 because YOSH ITS THE BEST....if u put a yosh on it your SURE to put a good thing
  8. i got a BIG problem....i have a z400 but i was needing some sound without money and i wasnt realy good in mechanics because its my first SPORT atv....i did get off my end cap over my z400 stock exhaust and i someone in the atv track say me that the end cap is need for the compression....and didnt seen any change to the compresion since i get the end cap off but he said that if i put the end cap on the exhaust i will loose nearby half my compresion so i will loose speed:@.....i said that the only issue was to put a racing pipe on it like a yosh or pro circuit...i did at all nearly 13 hour without my end cap should i put it on it before it be too late or should i let it like that and buy a pipe?