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  1. Carvin4

    Where to ride near Durhamtown ???

    Town Creek OHV is less than 30 minutes away. It has two seperate parking areas. The one just for bikes has maybe 12 miles of singletrack. It is state run and costs 5$ a day. There is also a more open trail for bikes and quads.
  2. Dr. Mark, Is your recomended rehab the same for articular lesions of the knee as it is for meniscus rehab? I've had floaters taken out twice within the last year from different spots on my left femur. My last surgery was last Thursday (torn medeal miniscus and small teardrop lesion behind the kneecap). The tear was small and shaved clean. It feels great and I want to start training, but my searches don't bring up much on articular lesions. Thanks
  3. Carvin4

    terrian type question

    If you are looking for Hare Scrambles you need to check out www.setra.org
  4. Carvin4

    creaking sound coming from back end

    I just greased my rear suspension in my 05 YZF and it came with a moly based grease instead of the string cheese that I've heard they come with. Has anyone else found this?
  5. Carvin4

    Ever Try Sunoco 110 octane, Purple, Leaded?

    I tried VP u4 this weekend without rejetting and the performance was below that of premium. It also took forever to start even after adjusting the pilot circuit. Did anyone run into this problem? It seems no one I've talked to had to rejet with u4. I've always heard it makes a rather noticeable difference.
  6. Carvin4

    Ever Try Sunoco 110 octane, Purple, Leaded?

    Does anyone know why VP recommends draining the u4 after each ride?
  7. Carvin4

    Yz 250f Or Wr 250f For Harescrambles?

    I've got an 05 YZF that I race some enduros and harescrambles here in the southeast. Stock it is better suited to the harescrambles since they are generally faster and more open here. However, it did also do well in the enduros, but first gear was a little high with stock gearing and there of course was no e-start. Everything changed when I added the Rekluse clutch. First gear is a non issue and most every wreck I've had the bike just idles on its side until I pick it up and ride off. The lightness of the bike is nice for me especially after a few hours in the seat. I can't knock the WR though. I've liked the ones I have ridden (although they all have been modded), but my personal preference is to stick with the weight and power of the YZF.
  8. Carvin4

    Manchester Forest

    Hey nc250x, if you are coming down from NC there are two good trail systems that are close to Abbeville (Parson's Mountain and Cedar Springs). They are state maintained and in great shape. They will close if there has been a bunch of rain. The call before you haul number is 803-561-4025. Enoree is another excellent trail between Greenville and Columbia off of 26. The last time I was at Manchester, it was endless sand whoops. The website for these and more is http://score.truespode.net/orv.htm.
  9. Carvin4

    Enduro on a YZ250F

    I'm right in front of you on row 44. I hope this hurricane doesn't turn and make this one big mudhole. I'm going to try to make the Long Cane Enduro the following week. Thanks KiwiRacer, I'll look into the catch bottle.
  10. Carvin4

    Enduro on a YZ250F

    Hi all! I"ve been visiting this website for quite some time now getting all kind of useful information. I'm just getting back into racing enduros after a 15 year layoff. I just got rid of a '03 KDX 200 and upgraded to an '05 YZ250F. The bike is exactly what I was looking for! I've added the IMS tank, headlight, taillight, Pro Circuit 496, lighting coil, etc to make it enduro legal. I also added a 50 tooth rear sprocket that really helps in the tighter stuff. I tried the Powernow insert but it actually ran better without it 1/4 thottle and up, and it didn't help enough down low to justify keeping it in. Just wanted everyone to know what a great bike this is and I cant wait for The Little Brown Jug Enduro in SC next week!