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  1. RMZracer45

    some of my first tricks while jumping

    a nac-nac to side saddle landing..thats actually a real trick...swwweeeettttt!
  2. RMZracer45

    Two Stroke Forum Vote

    there's already a 2stroke forum on www.pingertalk.com if you need a 2stroke forum sooo bad, go there! this is, afterall, T-H-U-M-P-E-Rtalk.com
  3. RMZracer45

    Gear Changes??

    I have the same problem...I was on a tight sx style track on my '04 rmz that i just got. I was in 3rd, 4th, and sometimes even 5th on straights. It always feels like it can pull a taller gear. I do have to do some suspension work to fix some of that stiffness in choppy stuff, considering I am 145lbs, so it throws me around quite a bit. For the gearing ill go down one tooth on the rear and try that. I think I'll send my suspension off somewhere to get it revalved. Probably factory connection.
  4. RMZracer45


    I know breaking a leg is much worse, but this is a freak accident and I know this is definately not normal..... I was out riding last fall with a friend. We were at a local track with a sweet rhythm section in it, with a good size double(50-60ft) after it. I come out of this section like 3rd gear, shift to 4th(stock 85) for the double. My bike shuts off on the face of the jump and, not only do I save it, but i downside the double almost perfectly by some miracle....the freaky thing is when i landed(almost perfectly on the downside) I dislocated my shoulder. Out of all the things that could have come of that scary situation, which i rode out of perfectly, the one thing that did happen was a dislocated shoulder!?!?!..i'm glad, though
  5. RMZracer45

    06 kx250f

    yea i stepped up from my 85 with a punchy powerband to a 250f and loved it, first day my confidence was better and i felt more comfortable...they give you the feeling that you can do any jump or pass anybody around you with a simple twist of the throttle....i've had mine 3 days and ridden 15 hours on it already..lovin every minute of it.....
  6. RMZracer45

    Shroud and tank graphics

    ....found it! SWWWEEEEEETTTT!! ....soooo bad BTO Sports
  7. RMZracer45

    Shroud and tank graphics

    www.n-style.com site is not up to date..both of these kits are sweet, but they are 04 kits -does anyone know where to get the 2005 WBR Suzuki replica kit like on Ryan Sipes bikes N-Style makes his, but their site is old
  8. RMZracer45

    4 stroke starting !!!

    Took my first ride(s) on my new RMZ this weekend. Always first kick when cold..and everytime I dumped it in a sand berm, I'd pick it up and she'd fire right up, first 2 kicks. It ran awesome after break in. Great motor, but the suspension was waaaay too stiff for the track I was on, not to mention im only 145lbs, so i gotta get it worked on and set up right. I couldn't be happier with the decision I made to get it though.
  9. RMZracer45

    Ridin Pics

    "nosice the little fuzzy pixels around the bike? photoshop ...or a really crappy camera" it is a very crappy camera...i aint gonna waste $$$ on a good camera when i could use that money to buy and exhaust or a new set of gear or spare grips, tires, sprockets, chains, etc...If you'll notice, too, the blotches are around the jump faces and trees, too...
  10. RMZracer45

    greatest rider of all time

    Greatest champion of all time= RC greatest rider of all time= TP greatest racer of all time= RC or Hannah greatest foreign racer of all time= decoster Greatest marketable racer of all time= Mcgrath Most talented of all time= James stewart Most determined= RC ....there are many great racers, who all are the greatest in some category..its just that RC's the greatest in the most categories..so it rc for the overall once again RC=G.O.A.T
  11. RMZracer45

    Ridin Pics

    try crappy camera buddy, thats no photoshop.... Roger Decoster Race for Kids Diamondback Mx Reseca, GA Finish line table .......factory connection suspension
  12. RMZracer45

    Broken Bones!!!

    I hate to talk about injuries, but here it goes: dislocated left shoulder dislocated right shoulder broken collarbone broken 4 ribs broken pinky and index finger broken wrist broken right ankle 3 times and left once broken nose 2 times(non moto related) .........and I just turned 15
  13. RMZracer45

    keeping plastics shiny

    Motul Shine 'N Go definately after every wash...wash it with Liquid Performance Cycle Wash
  14. RMZracer45


    let 'em peel, then, when they come off while riding, tell all your friends that you were going soooo fast your bike started coming apart....then get new ones..hehe
  15. RMZracer45

    2004 RMZ250 Problems!!!!! Help

    Yea i was thinking about that. I've had good work done by Factory Connection in the past, but that was on ktm's. I was thinking Pro Circuit, but i heard they took forever. I have heard good things about rg3. Do you have a website or a number I can call for RG3?