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  1. What is the trick to easily removing the carbon deposits from the top of the piston? Is it ok to sand it off or should i use some kind of remover? Thanks for your help !!!!
  2. Today I heard a gurgling sound coming from exhaust so i removed the silencer to discover a significant amount of coolant coming from the exhaust. I drained all the fluids and found quite a bit of coolant in the oil as well. I have a feeling its the head gasket. Any other thoughts or ideas of parts i should order when i replace the gasket/ could it be something other than the head gasket? Thanks for looking and helping, Phil
  3. philinmaine

    Coolant in oil and exhust pipe?

    Yesterday I was having trouble starting my 99 wr400 - it will normally start on first or second kick when choked cold.But this time I had to pull out the hot start to get more air. Then today I checked the oil and found it overfull and more coolant in the exhaust pipe I removed the pipe and kicked it over only to see lots of coolant come gushing out. I then drained all the oil and found it milky and full of coolant as well. Where do I start? Please help if you can. "Dude we can fix it, My dad has a great set of tools" Do you remember this movie quote?
  4. philinmaine

    Scream's WR is complete - sort of - PICS

    LOOKS LIKE YOU SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT A RICE BURNER, RATHER THAN THE WR !! , , , !!! Sorry that just the way I REALLY feel !!!
  5. philinmaine

    WR Owners pin your location on the map.

    I Have the most eastern flag in the entire U.S. - Bethel, Me. 04217
  6. philinmaine

    Just Dies?

    Thanks guys - the previuos owner had sealed the inside of the gas cap with silicone so the tank was not venting!!!! Runs great now!!! you saved me a trip to the shop and it was a FREE fix!!! Awsome forum, great info - i'm hooked!!
  7. philinmaine

    Just Dies?

    I have a 99 wrf and it will just die, when traveling on road wide open, sounds and feels like its running out of gas. Once stopped it kicks and starts again with some work. Any ideas to the problem? i adjusted float height but still have same issue. This never happens while on trail only on long wide open runs!!! Please Help!!