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  1. nothin2lose530

    oil question please help

    I'm a little young and i work on my 250r myself so i have a dumb question to ask, how do i measure how much oil to put into my bike? Like on the oil bottle or measure cup or what? Thanks for the help in advance guys.
  2. nothin2lose530

    Moto racing in the winter Olympics!

    who does that?
  3. nothin2lose530

    Shorty Clutch Leaver

    im interested in one for my 05 R too.
  4. nothin2lose530

    honda or

    wr450 for low maintenance but the crf450 is a monst er.
  5. nothin2lose530

    Bad Crash video

  6. nothin2lose530

    S500 pics

    VA VA!!
  7. nothin2lose530

    Free bottle of Simple Green Aircraft...

    ordered....... Good lookin ovvrdrive...
  8. nothin2lose530

    motor locked up? anyone else

    Damn that blows.Gonna be expensive.
  9. nothin2lose530

    My son's first moto

    Looks like he knows what hes doin out there.
  10. nothin2lose530

    Moving up from an 85

    Very easy to get used to.The crf 250R is the closest to a 2 stroke.
  11. nothin2lose530

    front sproket cover.

    Can you take the stock front sproket cover off if you do not have a case saver?.I dont know if there is anything else i have to do like reroute those wires that go into the case.Someone help a brotha out.lol
  12. nothin2lose530

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    Damn right!!!
  13. nothin2lose530

    Front Number Plate

  14. nothin2lose530

    You Have To See This !!!!!

  15. nothin2lose530


    Woodbridge VA over here. prince william county.