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  1. Hello all, McCain Valley, Lark Canyon OHV riding area in eastern San Diego county is being proposed for a wind farm right through the heart of our riding area. This will cut off almost all of our trails with their service roads and huge wind mills. Please voice your opinion to: Greg Thomsen, telephone (951) 697-5237; BLM California Desert District Office, 22835 Calle San Juan de Los Lagos, Moreno Valley, California 92553-9046; e-mail: catulewind@blm.gov[/email]. The voice of the off roaders must be heard. Everyone please send in your opposition to this asap to hopefully prevent the loss of another great and legendary riding area. Thankyou Deven Schneider
  2. Hey guys, my buddy is 28 and rides a KX 100 and kills it. You might have seen him passing 450's at Cahuilla as well as at the last ancianos race in tecate mexico. Really, he passed a 450 on a sweeper on the out side. it was awesome. any way, he was wondering if there are any companies that make a tall seat foam for it. thanx
  3. deven593

    XC-or EXC 2008 450

    Thanx for the info guys. It's extremely helpful. Is there a big difference in power delivery between the XC-F and XC-W? What would be better for tight yet fast rocky single track like the hills of tecate mexico, and so cal mountains? Basically, I wouldn't want the XC-F if it is to motocrossy. I rode a crf 450 on some single track by my house and it bounced me all over and the power delivery was way to hard and jerky for the tights. I hardly ever sit down that's why I like my WR and the 06 exc 450 I rode. the power comes on smooth, yet still pulls well helping me to maintain a smooth flow without bouncing me all over as I hit rocks, ruts, roots and everything else that makes single track so much fun thanx again for your input.
  4. Hey guys, I have been searching alot of threads as well as mags on this subject. I currently ride a WR 250 F and have done all the mods but it isn't as high performance as I need. I made the switch from moto to single track and haven't looked back. I keep riding all the brands and am finding I like something about each; but each is still lacking something. . . . until I rode a 06 KTM 450 exc, thanx to Massimo whom I met at Mc Cain's valley. It was the perfect bike. It's ergo's was excatly what I have been searching for years. the power was smooth and strong, yet didn't hit super hard like most japenese bikes. basically, I loved it and couldn't imagine riding one on some technical trails. So which one; exc or xc? I read in Dirt Rider that the XC is great on trails but doesn't handle as good in first gear as the EXC. I carry alot of speed when I ride, especially in the technical stuff so would the XC suit my aggressive style more so than the EXC. The problem with the japense moto 450's is the suspension is way to stiff and rigid for single track and I just bounce off everything added with the hard hit of the motor. Will the XC do this? Thanx for any ride feed back of those who've rode both. I will be buying one in the near future.