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  1. Fast 120

    Questionable Quality

    You've just been spoiled by the orange bike. It happend to me too.
  2. That picture of Travis and Windham is probably the coolest thing ive seen in a long time.
  3. Fast 120


    The purple one is freakin sweet i fell in love with that the first time i saw it. No i'm not gay.
  4. Fast 120

    Alloy MX No More

    What did they do ??
  5. Fast 120

    Accidental Bubba scrub

    I thought it was funny
  6. Fast 120

    ktm250sxf or kx250f?

    I dunno i've heard of a few new kx250f's blowing up lately. You could buy one and probably never have problems im sure...but is that something you wanna be thinking about while your riding. The ktm seems to be holding up just as good as the yammi's.
  7. Fast 120

    Inside line vs. outside line???

    I'll ususally take the outside if theres a jump after the corner. And its fun to carry lots of speed but I think the inside is often faster if there is no jump after the turn. It depends, use both figure it out.
  8. Fast 120


    WOW smooth track. ..must be nice
  9. Fast 120

    Why is JSR still in Canada

    6th at the Nationals on a practice CR250 How can you guys say he is slow. I'm not gonna say he's as fast as RC, but he would definatly be beetween top 5-10
  10. I'd get the Husky. ...but I just like euro bikes.
  11. Fast 120

    Canadian MX on Speed Channel

    Canadian MX is awesome. The talent isnt as deep as the U.S obviously, but they still rip. I always go watch at mission for Round 1.
  12. Fast 120

    video of rmc here in washington

    Did you go to Chilliwack last weekend ? I think I met you and your buddy that was riding a yz125.
  13. Yea no kidding. Good for him. They dont call him the rock for nothing. GO RC tonight!
  14. Maybe they were doing it to kill some speed, if they didn't think they could brake in time for the corner.