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    ride kawi 250f .paint
  1. what happen with kawasaki? the new yamis are pretty tight
  2. does any one no if it is normale for a 250f to have metal come out in the oil?
  3. chevys just ride so smooth thoe..........
  4. have u seen the kxf 250 yet i have go to and u will find it there every thing on the bike is diff
  5. chevy is the only way
  6. have u guys been wanting to no were good or suspension for your bikes r ............well i do ........if u wont to no ill tell u
  7. ricky is starting to slide down hill...just a little........chad reed has stepped it up...and here comes bubba..............dont get me wrong i like ricky but my guess is that he is going to retire here pretty soon we will c....hes not cosistantly #1 we still have therest of the season thoe.
  8. i have a kx250f i went with green because o one is on kawi any the only kawi in my class like when i raced 85s there were 30kids on the gate and i was the only one on a kawi so thats why chose kawi....pluss people notice u stand out not blend in.....thats my opinion choose what u want