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  1. antigrav

    Rear Brake Caliper Loose

    Its just a guide and a stop. Like everone is saying when you tighten the axel it is fine.
  2. thanks, wooohoo! I learned something new, cool..
  3. Cali excuse my ignorance... your saying its o.k. to have oil inside where the ignition is??? where the flywheel is??? I noticed a small amount upon removal of the cover and assummed it was leaking from a crank seal, which I had happen on a 2 stroke... If you could please verify this is correct... a small amount of oil is ok.. the bike is running fine, I just noticed the oil on my boot and thought I had better shut it down if it is leaking... this could be awesome news...
  4. Hi I've already done searches on this and did not come up with hard answers... I have a small oil leak behind the flywheel, and obviously its the crank seal, but my question is.... Is the left side crank seal replaceable with out having to split the cases on the 2002 250f???? I would assume it is, but I don't know for certain. Any help is appreciated.... I've tried Google and Thumpertalk and can't find the answer....
  5. antigrav

    How To Make Neutral Less Obvious? 07 WR450

    You HAVE to make sure all your shifts are firm, don't just lightly tap it, make sure you SHIFT it. I'm serious, in MX you make SURE you hit the shift or you could mess up the take off of a jump. ONce you shit your pants,by missing a couple key shifts you realize to make firm assertive shifts. Hold them a bit longer than you think... until its engaged. Bottom line is this isn't a major issue with my 07 WR and probably most of them. Actually it was hard to find nuetral at first before it broke in.
  6. antigrav

    250f or 450f

    450... you wiegh about 250 with proper protective gear. I have a YZ250f and a wr450, the 250 is fun on the track but you shift alot more and it required more attention with the throttle, and it goes about 50 mph then you are winding it out, which becomes a drag if you ever take it for a trail or desert romp. Its strictly for track and fun but your too big and would want more after a couple months back in the saddle.
  7. antigrav

    Wr426 Wil Only Run On Choke

    first off check your GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I had this exact thing happen cleaned the carb twice, still happened..... finally changed gas and added some Sea Foam carb cleaner in gas ran for about 20 minutes and has run great since. I tore my hair out for a week and it was just gas and some Sea Foam which I got the idea from street bike site when I did a google search.
  8. antigrav

    Learning to ride on a WR450?

    Absolutely 450, if you leave it stock with the throttle stop and other stuff on it, it will be as tame as ***** cat, you won't even be able to use more than half throttle. It will be perfect for learning. the 250 will not hoof you big ass around especially since you won't know how to keep it in the power. The 250's require much more shifting when you start to go faster. It would be a better bike to putt and learn on but only for about the first 8 rides... after that you will be ready for more, so get the 450 and be done with it.
  9. antigrav

    Tusk Rotors

    I just bought one for that great price and it worked no different than stock, I forgot all about it never even gave it a thought either way for the last 2 rides, thats because it worked just the same as stock, but doesn't look as cool as the wave rotor, but I don't care. I use the wave on the supermoto set up and the Tusk for the swicth back to dirt.
  10. antigrav

    Photo's of subframe munching my chain!

    I think Yamaha intends you guys to be on the gas more to keep the chain tension tight:p NO more rolling all the whoops then gassing it and letting off, then gassing it then letting off, then gassing it then letting off, then gassing it, then letting off. they want you to keep it pinned or buy an XR:thumbsup:
  11. antigrav

    rear disc replacements?

    DING!!!!! DINGGG!!!! DING!!!! Holy crap! That is what I'm talking about!!! That is half the price of my local dealer and about 40% less than others... Thanks, I ordered it 59 BUCKS, awesome price
  12. antigrav

    rear disc replacements?

    I want to get an extra rear disc for my 07 wr450. I have a Supermoto conversion kit on it and want to mount another disc to the Supermoto rear wheel instead of changing back and forth... First question is.... does the 06 rear disc fit on the 07? The non wave roter is probably less expensive I figure.... secondly are aftermarket rear discs less expensive since the OEM is about 90 bucks for the rear which is pretty steep. I don't really care if its wave or not because on the street I use the rear way less. Just looking for a better price.
  13. antigrav

    Cycle World Article: WR450 vs KLX450

    Heck any of these 450 enduros rock, I chose the WR for all he easy mods and it known ability to kick serious butt and reliable as hell. I would have gone with a CRFx but the tranny issues freaked me a bit since I was going to supermotard it. But any one of these bikes are great. I don't waste time thinking about the shoot outs, it all depends on how you ride, not how they testers ride. that is why all the testers often pick different favorites...
  14. antigrav

    2007 white bros xcr exhaust?

    Sorry I see you are from B.C. no sense of humor:thumbsdn: To explain, my comment was directed at the uniqueness (read crazy) of having a CHAINSAW mounted to the front of a WR, as if it was the most normal thing in the world... and since you asked what it was you were the wierd one. But in reality nobody would know what the hell it was, nor have I known anyone who would attach a chainsaw to the front of a bike.... Do you get the irony now????
  15. antigrav

    07 WR 450 sag...

    You have to set the sag after you get it back together and get on the bike with gear. YOu can reach the spinners by folding out the kickstater and getting a long flat tip screw driver with hammer in there to loosen the lockinging spinner then adjust the bottom one. I can get 4" and I wiegh 205 with my full leather supermoto gear, boots and helmet on. and 1 " static sag.