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  1. devinbowen

    2008 450sx-f

    If I may...I love the 4 speed, I usually only have to shift a few times per lap. My '08 has been very reliable and after a simple suspension f&r revalve ($400ish) and dialed in jetting, I really could'nt be much happier...
  2. Update- I have now tested the new set-up, (F&R revalve) several times now, on 3 different tracks. Now, I am not one of these internet guys and almost never feel inclined to post a review/comment of any kind. However, (after the initial break-in period) I am so please with the results, I wanted to give credit where credit is due. First and foremost, my arm pump is virtually gone. Enough said. Second, this is the first KTM, or really any bike I have owned over the past 30 yrs for that matter, that feels incredibly plush, and more importantly predictable, yet feels bottomless at the same time. Head shake has been diminished as well. Finally, no real trade offs. Just my 2 cents…
  3. devinbowen

    Horrible headshake

    Head shake can sometimes be caused by to much rear preload. Also, besides having your proper spring rates installed, make sure your forks are high enough up in the triple clamps. 5mm up is generally a good starting point. Tired old suspension fluid can contribute as well.
  4. Dave has my F&R off of my '08 450 SX-F as we speak. I will post a ride review when I get the components back. He seems to be passionate and intelligent in regards to getting it right.
  5. devinbowen

    KTM Maintainance question

    I have spent the last 5 years, or so, working (tech) at a HONDA/Kawasaki/KTM dealer and I personally would never buy a new CRF. I have lost all respect for HONDA's high end offroad bikes. They put all focus on performance and none, it sems to me, any longer on durability. Overall, the KTM and Kawi's have certainly have more durable 4stk offerings. Frequent oil changes w/a quality oil is key. 'Just my 2 cent venting'. KTM's do have a more of a "hit & miss" quality control however.
  6. devinbowen

    08 505 SXF setup, tip, tricks???

    Do not forget to install the CR9EIX spark plug.
  7. devinbowen

    08 Ktm 450 Sx-f

    I am going to send my forks out to be revalved (MX-Tech) as soon as I have the funds. However, if I could get a some fork suggestions/clicker recommendations in the mean time, I would appreciate it. 215 w/gear on. The forks are quite harsh! Thank you.
  8. Any company manufacture frame guards for the lil' 230's?
  9. 2006 WR450 w/ 400 miles on it. Yamaha AIS block off kit, Flatlands rad guards and skid plate. Very clean. What should I be asking in for it in California? Thanks.
  10. devinbowen

    Yosh TRC & Yamaha AIS removal kit?

    Thankyou Mr. Hankdog. That was exactly what i was fishing for.
  11. I am pretty new to 4 strokers and am in need for more bite. I have done all the free mods you guys suggested (wire, baffle, cut air box, 13t and added Yamie AIS kit. I have done quite a bit of research in TT and would like to add a TRC slip-on to my 06' WR. I have a simple question. Will the re-jet the Yamaha kit made be "rich" enough to run this pipe @ 2000-4500ft?