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  1. desertfiddy

    how low is too low?

    Well i picked my self up a nice 05 450r last week. long story short i crashed and bike landed upside-down causing oil to leak out of breather into air box. i made sure to check oil before riding again and it read half way or so, hot, so i rode it back to camp. looking over bike today i noticed the oil level is now just above the Low mark(motor completely cold). is the L mark still "safe"? another question i have is do you check the oil level hot or cold. my bike will fill site glass hot and be at the f mark cold?
  2. desertfiddy

    Oil type, Torque Settings?

    http://www.carbibles.com/engineoil_bible.html READ!!!^^^
  3. desertfiddy


    get a billet ware or sano plus 4 swingarm. try to stay away from 50 cal.
  4. desertfiddy

    Fox Float Settings

    i had mine revalved and i ran about 160 on number 3 spring rate, I also ran a plus 4 swingarm
  5. desertfiddy

    New Kitaco Shock any good?

    I never did any maintnence on my fox shock. I went from an i shock resi to a fox and there is no comparison.
  6. desertfiddy

    new grips, WHAT DO I USE!!

    many things will allow you to slide the grips on but wont hold for **** when they evaporate. Best thing ive learned. Take double stick tape and wrap the bars where the grips go, pous gas on the tape(evaporates quickly) and slide em on. When the gas dries out your grips are locked on nice and tight.
  7. desertfiddy

    New Kitaco Shock any good?

    true that!! save some extra coin for a fox air shock. Elka is nice but it still has a spring. fox is way easier to setup and use IMO
  8. desertfiddy

    pre built pit bikes

    you can buy a pre build honda for 1500 bucks. especially since riding season is pretty much over people get rid of there bikes cheap
  9. desertfiddy

    My New Truck

    truck looks good... all i have to say is sell before the warranty ends. Im saying this from personal experience.
  10. get the toyota. My 84 toyota has 275k on it and still drives great, Its VERY reliable too. but this is seriously a no brainer, toyota is almost the largest car manufacture in the world. nissan is nowhere close to being as reputable as toyota. people always buy nissan because there cheaper. titans are cheaper then silverados. forntiers are cheaper then tacomas. xteeras are cheaper then 4 runners, etc. toyota always have more miles then most used cars because of people drive em so much because they dont break down very often.
  11. desertfiddy

    best bearing grease

    I use the red extreme pressure or whatever stuff. it works great. lucas sells some red stuff as well that works great. i would def stay away from regular black moly grease. its pretty thin stuff.
  12. desertfiddy

    Ranger 2" lift

    if you want to get a cheap lift. just throw some spacer blocks in your springs
  13. everyone drives SO FAST with there toy hauler and there turbo diesels. it eventually catches up to em. Ive seen overheated truck, trannys blow and brakes fade coming too and from the desert.
  14. desertfiddy

    Ranger/Rhino questions

    Alright... ive been into the sidexside scene for about 3 years now. THe yamaha rhino is NOT better then the ranger xp. the rhino is basically a liek a jeep, it has a huge risk of roll over. THe ranger has way more power and top speed then rhino will ever think about. its hold 3x the payload(2 guys in the bed of a rhino bottom it out). the ranger is way better for family too. the rhinos are very loud and abnoxious, the parking brake is a little nub,and it took yamaha a few years to make a glove box door standard on the rhinos. sure there is a huge aftermarket options for a rhino but there are tons of options for the rangers also. Polaris is more for work but polaris has that covered already. polaris is realeasing the new ranger rzr later this year. It will have an 800 EFI motor directly mounted to the tranny so no more belt slipping. here are some pics rhino wont be able to compete. how do ranger not look sporty ??? I think the new lights look sweet on em.kinda liek the chevy with the slanded headlights.all the new rangers, have speedos and a bunch of new goodies. http://www.atvillustrated.com/FeaturedStories/StoryDetails.aspx?storyid=258 heres the ranger razor article http://www.atvillustrated.com/FeaturedStories/StoryDetails.aspx?storyid=247