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    athena 280 kit: problems and re-sale?

    g'day all been signed up to this site for ages but never actually posted on here until now, so anyway just after some helpful advice concerning my 2008 rmz-250 Last trail ride, the engine sucked up a bunch of tiny river rocks causing significant damage and forcing me to replace cylinder, piston, crankshaft etc... while searching on the net i discovered the athena 280 kit which i an considering buying since i need to replace the cylinder anyway so i have a couple questions concerning this option: 1. Has anyone experienced any problems with the kit relating to increased wear and stress on a 250f because of the increased capacity? 2. I did a bit of research on the forums and everyone says that a lot of top end is sacrificed with the kit, is this much of an issue and very significant and how can you overcome this? 3. Does the 280 kit have much effect on the resale value of the bike? Obviously the bike will be unable to be raced in the 250 class but does the 280 kit turn people away from purchasing it for a trail/woods or fun bike? In summary i guess all im asking is, will the 280 kit be a liability in terms of damaging and wearing the engine, is power altered significantly and will it make it harder for me to sell the bike once i upgrade? any help and info appreciated guys.
  2. hey all, I know that there are probably heaps of threads on this topic but i thort i would make my own, so i can gain opinions about my specific situation... a few days ago i purchased a barely used 04 xr250. It only had around 1000km's on it and is in excellent condition. I have ridden the bike once and am pretty happy with the power the bike produces (i came off a kdx200 and feel that the XR would give it a run for its money!!!)... however, i usually do trailriding with fella's riding bikes like wr250f's, ktm250exc's, xr400's etc. and feel that i will be quite underpowered in most situations. I also want to live up to my username on these forums So my question is: what (cheap) mods can i do to my XR to gain extra power and general better performance (doesn't have to be engine related, as much of an advantage i can get would be greatly appreciated!) and give me a better chance of staying with the bigger bikes??? the bike currently has: fmf powercore 4 muffler (makes the bike sound awesome) Tag T-2 bars airfilter snorkle removed mods im planning: Bashplate Acerbis DHH Headlight Good handguards note: i will be also using this bike for some commuting trips on the road, but no highway use... thanks heaps, and feel free to give me ideas
  3. Eatmyroost

    WR-F On road???

    Looking for a road-trail bike for my L's and am tossing up between XR250, WR-F 250, or TTR250... The problem is I don't want to get a TTR or XR because I ride a lot of trails and want to be competitive against all the big bore 4 strokes and 2 strokes in the bush... Went into the local yamaha dealer today, and he straight out told me don't get a wr-f for the road, simply because it can't handle the constant throttle and will just blow up... Is it really that bad? Would i be able to get away with riding the WR-F for around 15 minutes at a time along normal road and not highway or will it just blow up after a while??? any info and opinions appreciated... cheers!
  4. just wondering if you would be able to attach indicators to one of those yz rear guard extenders (comes with an LED brake and tail light) so that it would be registerable for the road? The dirt action boys have one of these taillights on their wr250f, so is it possible?
  5. Eatmyroost

    wr-f exhaust fmf vs pro circuit

    yer i realise the t-4 and pc4 are very loud pipes (my mate has one on his wrf) but i reckon i will be able to get away with it. Am i right in saying that the t-4 extends a lot further past the side plate that the pc4 because i am also looking for quite a compact muffler...
  6. g'day all, im new to this site and all i gotta say is, it looks awesome!! Okay i did a quick search, but i couldn't really find a thread to answer my question so here it is: what pipe (or for that matter, complete system) do you guys reckon would be the best for an 02 or 03 wr-f 250. I will be using the bike on the road a bit because i am gettin my learners license on this bike. So what bike do you guys recommend between the pro circuit t-4 or the fmf power core 4. What is better just as a muffler and what one is better as a complete system? thanks heaps for your time...