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  1. fat_tire_flyer

    Remove steering lock advice?

    I removed mine on my X-Trainer.. The only thing holding it is the head of the rivet.. Using a Dremel tool grind off the head of the rivet and the lock will slide right out.. I then filled the hole with Silicone RVT..
  2. fat_tire_flyer

    beta xtrainer expansion chamber cracked

    I just installed my EE skid plate & dkracing pipe cage.. All I can say is wow!! Both items are awesome (thanks moto9).. My philosophy is the same as Kelly Kim which is "take care of it before".. Also since this bike is so brand new are replacement pipes even available?? Hopefully FMF will offer a "Gnarly" for it soon..
  3. fat_tire_flyer

    beta xtrainer expansion chamber cracked

    Sorry to hear that.. What happened.. Was this a factory flaw?? Or did you crash and/or hit something?? Just wondering.. Reason why I got (and will install on Tuesday) a Beta Xtrainer Pipe Cage (made by Thumpertalk member: moto9)..
  4. fat_tire_flyer

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    Thanks to Stephen Howland (Sales Manager) at Beta Motorcycles Canada.. .. We have "info info info".. 2015 Beta XTrainer Owners Operators Manual 2015 Beta XTrainer Workshop Service Manual 2015 Beta XTrainer Catalogue Of Spare Parts
  5. fat_tire_flyer

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    Ha haa.. Found this on Ebay USA.. Wonder if it's in stock (maybe).. Listed by: Beta Dealer / Extreme Motorsport / 406-862-8594 (call tomorrow).. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Other-Makes-BETA-300cc-CROSS-TRAINER-/251904483516?forcerrptr=true&hash=item3aa6ad60bc&item=251904483516
  6. fat_tire_flyer

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    From Facebook.. Looking at the pics posted by Beta Romania.. He is not riding the Beta X-Trainer.. Beta is in Arad Romania and prepare alongside Ben Hemingway for King of the Hill 2015!!!
  7. fat_tire_flyer

    Beta article translated.

    Bars and front plate. Well known Beta quality. Under seat space, battery housing and separate oil fills in the Beta X-Trainer Brakes, tires and rear bushings are identical with the Beta X-Trainer and Beta 300 RR except black finish spoke and possible smaller diameter, as we discussed earlier. View of rear Nissin pump and rods ... very similar swingarm if not the same in both bikes. The right view of the motor. For the Beta RR300 owner…the X-Trainer it’s all pretty familiar. Beta X-Trainer: The feeling when you get on and ride. Well, as you have already noticed in the pictures with one "sister" next to the other ... still impressive is the difference in dimensions. She looks and feels much shorter, narrow and lower. However ... sitting on the bike (at my 1.72 meter height) but leaning on my big toe. It is not as short as it appears. But without a doubt much more than another enduro racing bike. I guess with gear, thicker enduro boot soles and some use ... I will go down a few centimeters more (I’m about 75kg. -I’m a little guy). Weight-wise... feels very light. Like a 125 ... but more petite. The riding position for my size is very good. Everything right where it should be. (Perhaps some risers for the handlebars of a centimeter or so - depending on your likes and dislikes) In short, it is a toy that makes you want to go riding and enjoy trial type riding, nothing more. However ... suspensions feels toylike, compared to the RR. And this continues to give some apprehension. I still feel a little antsy. Why ... Who has not sat looking at "his girl" after a good ride and was said to himself "Damn ... these girls are tough. They can take anything." Because ... they are over built. Of course. So you stare at the X-Trainer and you think ... Will it go the long haul? Will it be undone with the first year of use? Will I regret it? Anyway ... As I like to have one of these toys a couple of months to do a more thorough test, riding all weekend. And see how the bike evolves ... and the rider. Beta X-Trainer: Conclusions Will the new Italian be a success? Clearly Beta did not invent anything new. The concept of "enduro" for trail riding and not competition isn’t a new thing. There are many examples (today .. and yesterday) Ultimately the Beta X-Trainer is a welcomed concept of an Enduro bike without any concession to comforts and still able to withstand harsh treatment of an amateur enduro: less challenging rides and relatively difficult trial riding for those that prize handling and reliability. Lightweight and powerful, but human. For all riders. We'll see if the Beta X-Trainer 300 covers the Enduro bike for everyone market. I’m sure there will be plenty of arguments. But time and the evolution of riding it ... give us the answer. As for me ... I asked for a built in Kick Starter. The availability of that option seems to me undeniable. I am not going to fool you - if this bike was in market last year ... I wouldn’t know what bike I would have today. And you? What do you think? Would you change your all around enduro for a serious toy like this? Technical Data of the Beta X-Trainer 300 MOTOR ======= 293cc 36 Keihin Electric start (kickstart optional) Six gears Separate oil 35 hp CHASSIS. ====== Chrome-molybdenum perimeter Removable chrome-molybdenum sub-chassis. Aluminum swingarm. SUSPENSION ============= R16v 43mm inverted fork 270mm travel R16v damper rods 270mm of travel BRAKES ======= Nissin 260/240 Floating two-piston calipers in front and one rear TIRES ======== Standard 21 front and 18 rear Measurements ========== Weight: 98 kg (104 kg Beta RR300) Seat Height: 910mm (940mm Beta RR 300) Ground Clearance: 320mm (320mm identical Beta RR 300) Wheelbase of 1.467mm (1.482mm Beta RR 300) Tank Capacity: 8'5 liters (9'5 liters Beta RR 300) Separate oil mixing
  8. fat_tire_flyer

    Beta article translated.

    And what appears preloaded suspension on the right… With the exception of the finished blacks spokes (it appears smaller in diameter, but not certain) the front end, mounted brakes, tires, wheels and hubs are the same as its older sister. Front Bushing of the Beta X-Trainer Front Bushing of the Beta RR 300 Beveled edges and machined anodized black stems on Beta X-Trainer Strong synthetic resin radiator cap. Right side of the motor, with electric radiator fan. Does not have a “Kick Starter”, but there is a small "cap" where it should be so probably it could be added easily. Another view of the exhaust. The tempered exhaust is well proportioned to the Beta X-Trainer engine. Ollé R16v shock. Without a doubt, it will be the main attraction from now on. It’s size, in comparison with the Sachs of its older sister… in the beginning you get a little apprehensive because it looks so small next to the other. Different view of the motor from the right side. Identical to its sister, the Beta RR300 Detail of the factory setting of the regulating valve in the Beta X-Trainer And the same factory setting of the “thoroughbred”, the Beta RR 300
  9. fat_tire_flyer

    Beta article translated.

    Thanks to member Soylent_Green. Everybody has probably seen the original article. http://www.patarrantrantran.com/2015/03/beta-x-trainer--beta-rr-300-enduro-motos.html Beta X-Trainer and Beta RR 300: Two Enduro Concepts. Hello “Patarranes" We have a new Enduro in the market that’s going to give us a lot to talk about The Beta X-Trainer Here it is with its two “big sisters”. The Beta RR300 and the Beta 350EFi (the well tested 4 stroke Beta with electronic fuel injection) We’ve already talked about the Beta RR300, … and will continue to do so (see: Beta RR 300) But in this case I would like to introduce to you what I will call the “little sister”. The New Beta X-Trainer shares thermodynamics, plastics, parts and components. However, be warned: they’re sisters and they share certain genes, but they are two distinct motorcycles. To the point. Why an Enduro like the X-Trainer and not the Beta RR300? KTM has already tried it with the Free Ride - it’s not a new bike in the market. It has many defenders … and distractors. Needless to say - it’s a bike if well maintained it can work for all. Now, Beta Motors offers us the X-Trainer 300. An authentic Enduro, willing to attract those not sure of the KTM Freeride, but not wanting a thoroughbred that is demanding and high maintenance. In other words, an Enduro for those that want something light, manageable and fun. Most importantly, to make our life easier since they are complicated enough during the week. The Beta X-Trainer is perfect for this concept. Shares the powerful motor of its older sister but it’s sweeter and softer. Let me explain, we have a two stroke with a big low end, but easy to handle and with its famously reliable electric ignition. And take note, separate lubrication. But before we get into technical details, lets look at some photos and comments. A picture is worth a thousand words. Check it out. Beta X-Trainer and Beta RR 300. Face to Face. Next to her older sister, it looks like a toy. Almost.. makes you a bit apprehensive (in a good way) Remember, the Beta RR 300 is on a stand. That means… its 3-4 cm taller than if it was on the ground. Even then… the differences are notable. Rear View. the Beta X-Trainer is narrow and compact, no doubt. Compact and quiet FMF exhaust. Very similar (if not identical) to the “Turbine Core’ of past. Guaranteed reliability. 43 mm R16v Front fork by Ollé. Wherever you look you will find quality. Detail of the fork tip… Regulation of the left bar extension…
  10. fat_tire_flyer

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    Wow!! Do you have the owners manual and/or do you have the service manual.. On a CD or printed.. And how may I ask did you get it??
  11. fat_tire_flyer

    Vertically Challenged on the WR

    I mostly ride the singletrack in the Ganaraska Forest in Ontario, Canada.. Personally I could never ride a stock height Husqvarna (many friends have stock height Husqvarnas).. Truth be known, I won't even swing a leg over one and sit on the seat.. Because I would be tippy toe on one side and the other leg would be a inch or two in the air.. Not very confidence inspiring.. Being older (49) if I should tip over (much less crash) and break a bone or two.. Not worth the risk for me.. My first Husqvarna was a 2" lowered (modified internally) 2006 WR125 (bought it used fall 2008).. When I threw a leg over it I could touch both sides (about half way between tippy toe and flat footing).. Aaahh it was a perfect fit.. Although ground clearance was a little lower the confidence gained was well worth it (for me).. In the fall of 2009 I traded it in for a 2007 Husqvarna WR250.. Swapped the front and rear suspension from the WR125 to the WR250 (was done before I took it home).. This is what I currently ride and love the bike.. Someday may get a GasGas but as mentioned the Huskies give the most bang for the buck.. Cheers..
  12. fat_tire_flyer

    wr250 front and rear wheel bearings part No.

    For rear wheel you will need 3 bearings per below.. Qty 1 X Husqvarna Part #: 8B00 26846 / 63005-2RS / ø25xØ47x16 mm Qty 2 X Husqvarna Part #: 8A00 26846 / 6005-2RS / ø25xØ47x12 mm For front wheel you will need 2 bearings per below.. Qty 2 X Husqvarna Part #: 8000 84938 / 6905-2RS / ø25xØ42x9mm
  13. fat_tire_flyer

    Who is this guy

    If you read further down it said "Andreas Lettenbichler riding smoothly up the section called fox hole".. Cheers..
  14. fat_tire_flyer

    Just got myself two '09 WR 250's

    Frame Guards also available from AD-Tek Products
  15. fat_tire_flyer

    bar end size for hand guards?

    Best thing to do is thread the end of the handlebar and use an insert.. The ones I used were from Billet Racing and made of steel.. Cheers.. Threaded Insert & Tap Available From: Billet Racing Products Steel Inserts or Highway Dirt Bikes Aluminum Inserts or G2 Ergo Nylon Inserts..