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  1. norm22

    Has Anybody Tried TwoCool Oil Additive?

    I know this is a old topic, but my goodness this stuff still around? I was part the long long debate of two2cool about 10 year ago on here. This was pretty much to be proven snake oil on other forums, but I know the owner is a big donor of this site and I'm not even sure my post will even show up. Use it if it makes you feel better but there is little or no benift from this crap..
  2. norm22

    2003 CRF450r worth it?

    In good shape pretty much stock for 1500.00
  3. norm22

    XR650L vs DRZ400S

    I wouldn't take the DRZ400, XR650R, or the XR650L on long trips. For everyday use running around on the dirt roads little off road stuff the DRZ400 is hard to beat. ES, H2O cooled. All three are pretty solid will last a long time with proper care. Since owning a drz400 and selling it now I want the xr650r..
  4. norm22

    anyone need bag off rear fender

    Guys you know you can post a new thread? Instead of jumping mine.
  5. norm22

    anyone need bag off rear fender

    No tool kit, just the bag with bolt/nuts, strap and plastic thingy. Its not brand new but doesn't have any tears or rips...just like most sun faded.. If someone wants..How about 25.00 shipped if that too high let me know..P.M. me if you would.
  6. norm22

    anyone need bag off rear fender

    what ever you think a fair price is...will be fine with me.
  7. Took it off a 2002 DRZ400S when I installed the rack, sold the bike and have no use for it.
  8. My main riding will be dirt roads and very little trail riding. The DRZ was good bike but wanted something that could handle highway speeds better. The XR650R should do this? And what all would be needed to make it street legal? thanks
  9. norm22

    Sold the DRZ today

    Had the M109R now for little while got about 200 miles on it..Other than the Suzuki Recall I like the bike.
  10. norm22

    Sold the DRZ today

    yeah it will some, was only paying 137.00 six months on the busa..so it wont be too bad
  11. norm22

    Sold the DRZ today

    Staying with Suzuki..most likely will buy a M109R next weekend.
  12. norm22

    Sold the DRZ today

    Guy just left with it, he had big smile on his face. Looks like the bike is getting a good home. Thanks to everyone for all the tips and information.
  13. norm22

    rear rack drz 400s k5

    bought mine at dealer around $70.00 OTD
  14. norm22

    black plastics

    $112.00 not too bad
  15. norm22

    Are mods worth it?

    Some mods are fine if its to do with safety, the other IMO are for the most part waste of time. Most mods will add a little here or there but take away something elsewhere.