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  1. Swiss Rider

    Swiss Made

    RM 125 engine in a RMZ frame http://www.mxangora.ch/kopa_RM_125_alu_frame.php
  2. Swiss Rider

    This Is How You Load Your Bike

    The rider is called Thamer Engeli and comes from Switzerland. They used a program like photoshop to do that. It was for a commercial. Here are the two original videos http://www.verladesystem.ch/ForsterBischof-FMX_V1.mpg http://www.verladesystem.ch/ForsterBischof-FMX_V2.mpg
  3. Swiss Rider

    Crash videos

    Thanks you all very much for your replies. And now here's a video of the mx2 in St-Jean d'Angely (France). It's a crash beetween Antonio Cairoli and Davide Guarneri And a video of the whoops http://www.tanelleok.com/media/whoops.wmv And here is the arm of Andrew McFarlane who finished third in mx2
  4. Swiss Rider

    Crash videos

    Hi I'm new on this forum and this is my first post . Here's two videos of crashes from Belgium. Sorry if it's a repost. Hope you'll like them . And sorry I don't write very well but I try to do my best http://www.mxinactie.be/video2.htm