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  1. thakidistight

    Found one finally

    Or you could buy my 05...Yellow, 1500 miles cheap cheap!...you know you want to
  2. thakidistight

    This just blows my mind, enjoy.

    Ive met him, he ate my fritos!!!
  3. thakidistight

    Don't pass out with these guys

    the funniest part is that he is in a suit and tie
  4. Well I used to work at Budds Creek, so what u think I did when I got off work.....
  5. thakidistight

    New DR650

    Man mine dosent hesitate at all when takin off, its got a decent amount of torque too...maybe check the idle adjust?...
  6. thakidistight

    Anybody Live in Maryland

    I live deep in southern maryland, anyone from St Marys?Also just got my new DR650 and lookin for a few cool dual sport rides.
  7. thakidistight

    New DR650

    Just picked it up today, 2005 with 500 miles on it for $3900. I think I got a pretty good deal.