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  1. robbiepass

    US Open Torrent

    If a TV show (what ever it my be) not PPV is shown is this considered Copyright or is this o.k to share? Also as we don't get the US Open in the UK is it illegal to share this torrent with someone like myself???????? often wondered.
  2. robbiepass

    Just got the motor back!!!

    That's not what the bad gas was for. I gave you bad gas for firstly in reply to the bad gas you gave me with a comment of 'no need to lie' this was for a post I write saying 'RED is BEST' hardley deserving bad gas for that, and secondly for going off on one and trying to slam me on the thread without me saying anything to you.
  3. Last years racing was awesome, please please from us guyz over the pond get those torrent's up.
  4. robbiepass

    Just got the motor back!!!

    Dude I'm 28 years old, can't remember last thing daddy brought me!!!!!!! All I'm saying is I've rode Suz and Yam (both 250F) before I brought my first Honda and I wouldn't go back or change to anything else, this is my opinion of cause and everyone is entitled to one, so theres no need to get up tight and defensive.
  5. robbiepass

    Rider Websites and Pic's

    So far this week I've had an extra 273 hits than I did last week. Just to show it works.
  6. robbiepass

    pictures of injuries

    I tore my right ACL and MCL it took 9months just to get into surgery, 5 month's later back riding no problems - just takes time to re-strengthen hamstring. Good luck dude. www.passmoremx.com (Check out my website)
  7. robbiepass

    Just got the motor back!!!

    Buy red - you can't go wrong RED IS BEST
  8. robbiepass


  9. robbiepass

    Got any good websites?

    http://www.passmoremx.com My own personal website
  10. robbiepass

    Rider Websites and Pic's

    Guys, Having your own website is the way forward, how many of you have sat at your computer sending emails all evening to potential sponsor? if you talk to any sales person they will tell you 'if they send out a mail or fax shot they work on numbers if 10% of those reach the correct person they are lucky and out of those 10% only 10-20% will have any comeback', so if they sent 100 out they would be looking at 1 or 2 orders. If a potential sponsor has 5 emails a week do you honestly think their going to go and watch all 5 riders at different events? No of cause they wouldn’t but if you had a website they could check over a couple of weeks on your progress and then make a decision on whether they are interested. Also they will be getting something back from you too, because everyone who looks on your site can click on the hyperlink to your sponsor’s site which could generate extra business for them. I posted this thread at 1129am already there has been 132 views in 11hrs and out of those I'd say 99% have checked out my site www.passmoremx.com and out of all those 95% probably checked out my sponsors (if you do purchase anything or enquire please be sure to mention my name and website thanks), So think about it it's a small initial price to pay but I've received more help in the last 2 months than I have over the last 2 seasons. If I hadn't of posted this thread you guys would never of know about me or my racing so already I have reached potentially more people than I could ever of dreamed of. It seems I've started writing my own version of War and Peace so I'm going to stop now and hopefully you can understand where I'm coming from and how a website could help anyone of you.
  11. robbiepass

    Like my hub and sprocket!?

    defiantly looks like loose sprocket bolt to me too, very expensive lesson, always check bolts after or before each ride it only take a few minutes. always thread lock sprocket and disc bolts.
  12. robbiepass

    Rider Websites and Pic's

    there has got to be more than just the three of us
  13. Do any of you have personal/racing websites? I've not long had mine and have had plenty of feedback from potential and existing sponsors. check out the link below. www.passmoremx.com
  14. robbiepass

    Steel City Torrent??

    Dudes, you guyz over the pond are our only hope of watching the Nationals we have to wait over a month and even then it's on at stupid o'clock in the morning. Please Please Please upload a torrent