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  1. Has Anyone installed UniBiker guards on a IMS tank? I am looking at switching up my 01 WR426 with a YZ seat, IMS Tank And UNiBiker Guards. Is anyone running this configuration? Is it beneficial to run a clear IMS tanks or should I go Blue?
  2. Blow by Tube did seem to be the problem. Thanks. I am going to plan inserting a "T" and running it into the air box the next time I get it on the stand and torn down. Does anyone have a good picture of this being done?
  3. Where is the the blow by tube? in the crank case? Could descibe how I could check or clear it? Thanks
  4. We have been riding in New England twice a week this Fall and it gets dark at 4:30 now. We are all running http://www.bikelights.com/Products/arc_liion_ultra.htm We just velcro the head unit to the chin of the helmet. the light these uniots produce is awesome.
  5. I have an 01 WR426 and have twice had an issue with the half moon valve cover gasket blowing out while riding, then spewing oil all over the macine. I had to Zip tie the half moon gasket back in during a ride last time this happended. I have to assume this because I have not been on top my valve adjustments. Has anyone this happpend? Can it be avoided with timely valve adjustments.