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  1. Louise

    Crf 150r expert or crf 230

    I would go for the 150RB for trails or track. I rode a 230F for 3 years and it is a hog. Yes, it isn't as "snappy" as the 150, and it has the E-start which is nice, but the 150RB is a better choice-in my opinion. The 230F is HEAVY!!! One bad day of dropping that bike and you will wish you got the 150RB--approx. 80lbs lighter. I also grew out of the 230F in about 2 years. The 150RB has a ton of power and the snappiness of the throttle will help when trying to pop over logs and large rocks. Whoops are 1000 times smoother because it is easy to get the weight out of the front wheel. The 150RB will probably be a little more difficult to handle as a beginning rider, but spend an afternoon at the track, an open field, or jeep roads and you will get the hang of it. The bike has a lot of room to grow and I feel like it will be a long time before I will need to upgrade. As soon as I did some research on the 150RB, which is a newer model, I put the For Sale sign on the 230. By the way--I am 5'3" 145lbs.
  2. Louise

    Does anybody own or tried a CRF150R?

    I am also thinking about getting a 150R. I looked at both the 150R and the KTM105XC and am leaning toward the 150R. I am 5’3” 140lbs and ride trails/single track. I am coming off of a 230F, which was too heavy. I have heard great things about the KTM105XC, but have also been told that I will have a hard time adjusting to the 2-stroke style bike. For some reason both the 150R and the 105XC still feel too tall. The difference in weight between the 230F and either the 150R or 105XC will have a significant impact, but the 230F has an E-start and I am afraid that I will get in a situation where it will be hard for me to kick over the 150R. Is there anyway to make a few minor adjustments to lower the 150R about an inch or two? Maybe I am being overly dramatic and riding the 150R is more friendly than I think?
  3. We live up in Broomfield and will hopefully start riding by the end of April, beginning of May. Where are you at? Thanks so much for the offer to test ride your bike. My boyfriend wants me to look at the KTM200, but if I remember correctly they weigh in at around 215lbs and this one of the reasons why I am switiching from the 230F. I am actually going to Sun Enterprises tonight to test ride the 105XC and the 150R big wheel.
  4. Regarding the CRF230F--this was my first bike. I was 24 when I started riding and am 5'3" around 145lbs. I grew up working on a dairy farm, so I have a bit of muscle, but the bike is a pig. In my opinion, it is very heavy for a first bike. It has an E start, which is a pretty nice feature since I was coming off of a knee surgery when I started riding. The bike was a little tall for me, so without the E start there would have been times when I never would have been able to kick it over. This would be impossible for the 230F anyway because it doesn't even have a kick start. It has pretty good low end power, but it was a little hard to control in tight spots--a ton of fun blasting uphill though. Last year I had a really bad day---one of those days where you just can't get in the groove. I must have dumped the bike at least 3 times before I burned the sh*t out of my hand accidentally grabbing the exhaust pipe (don't ask me why or how, it was just a bad day). Trying to get the 15 miles back to the truck I must have dumped it 7 or 8 more times. After that ride I decided to sell it and get a new bike for this season. I am currently looking at the 150R big wheel or the KTM105XC. I have heard good things about both bikes, but am leaning toward the KTM105XC. In my opinion, based on your size, go for the KX100. I think this would be a good bike to learn on, it requires a bit of finesse with the clutch, but you are going to drop it once in awhile as a beginner rider. It is inevitable. The weight difference between the CRF230F and the KX100 is around 80-100lbs (I think) and it gets tiring and frustrating to have to pick that bike up time after time on your first rides.
  5. Louise

    KTM105XC vs CRF150R-Big Wheel

    Thank you everyone for the advice. The weight on the XC is definately appealing, especially after the 240 something pound CRF230F. Also, definately good to know about the SX versus the XC. I have also heard that the 150R will have a lot more maintenance than the XC. I like to ride, but am not big on wrenching.
  6. Ladies-I was hoping to get some advice. I have been riding a CRF230F for the last three years and am looking into buying either a KTM105XC or a CRF150R (big wheel). We generally ride single-track, so going from the E-start to a kick start will be a bit of a challenge--I am imagining myseslf trying to start the bike uphill on a wet muddy trail with ruts up to my butt. The KTM105XC kicks over way easier than I had expected, but 2 strokes do not have as much low end power. The CRF105R will have the low end power, but will be harder to kick start and is a bit heavier. I have gotten some great advice from sales guys and other men--which I greatly appreciate, but wanted to get an opinion from the ladies. Any suggestions???