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    Electrical expert needed...

    OK, thanks guys. I will re-check the diodes tonight. The battery may be the original, if not, it's at least 3 years old. Will let you know how the new one performs.... Si
  2. Boika

    Electrical expert needed...

    ....sorry, those tables haven't come out as I made them ....
  3. Hi all, The battery on my 2003 SY seems to have lost it's power quite quickly (not enough power to turn the starter properly) so I did the checks in the manual and got these results: Stator coil resistance: Specified : 0.50 - 1.25 Actual : 1.1 - 1.2 AC Generator: Specified : 75v + Actual : 60v - 70v Battery Leakage: Specified : Under 1mA Actual : 0.1 mA Regulated Voltage: Specified : 13.5v - 15v Actual : 14v All of these look more or less OK to me but testing the Reg/Rec showed up some differences. Basically I have no experience of whether these readings are drastically bad or not, if the regulated voltage is OK then does that mean the RR is OK? Specified diode readings: R B/W Y1 Y2 Y3 R X 0.5-1.2 0.4-0.7 0.4-0.7 0.4-0.7 B/W 1.4-1.5 X 1.4-1.5 1.4-1.5 1.4-1.5 Y1 1.4-1.5 0.4-0.7 X 1.4-1.5 1.4-1.5 Y2 1.4-1.5 0.4-0.7 1.4-1.5 X 1.4-1.5 Y3 1.4-1.5 0.4-0.7 1.4-1.5 1.4-1.5 X Actual readings: R B/W Y1 Y2 Y3 R X 0.51 0.47 0.47 0.45 B/W 5.4 X 0.82 0.82 0.82 Y1 8.2 0.47 X 1.1 1.1 Y2 8.2 0.47 1.1 X 1.1 Y3 8.2 0.47 1.1 1.1 X I have also worked through the guide posted by Noble. Any help much appreciated, I have ordered a new battery anyway - the price of a Suzuki RR is £120 over here.... Si
  4. Boika


    Was cleaning the bike today when I noticed this....
  5. Boika

    UK Tyres

    Hi all, I'm after some purely road going tyres too, I've worn the stock Trailwings down to nothing and have been pretty happy with them. I'm wondering if there any stickier tyres out there that fit the big 'oops. Is it just between the TWs and the Distanzias? Anyone tried the Metzelers or do Pirelli do anything? Cheers, Si
  6. Boika

    One is dirty, one isn't?

    Ok, thanks. I guess I'll have to take the head cover off to put my mind at rest...... Si
  7. Boika

    One is dirty, one isn't?

    Hi all, I took the exhaust downpipe off today - just to sand it down and give it a coat of paint before the winter salt gets to it - and noticed something a bit strange, I had a look in the cylinder head at the 2 exhaust ports and one is a bit coked up (as you'd expect) but the right hand one is completely clean, as if the valve isn't opening at all? Could it be some kind of restrictor fitted? Or is it normal...anyone else noticed this or got any ideas? Ta, Si
  8. Boika

    Bring on the Brits

    Hi there, have been reading the forum for a while now (some very helpful stuff too ...) and thought this would be a good opportunity to register! I'm from Birmingham so I have a proper accent and speak proper english...loike! Currently living near Stratford upon Avon, which I know some of you must know. We get lots of US tourists (wearing amusing coloured shorts! ) See you later, Si