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  1. Dirtflea....... PM me, I may be able to help.
  2. Clear Creeks days as the wild west are numbered. It only remains open because the california native plant society, the sierra club, other similar fag groups and liberals out to save the world havent greased the palms of the right people yet. Big businesses get what they want when they want it. Dont ever kid yourselves into believing a few dirtbikers can stand up to these businesses.
  3. Shhhhhh.....It is getting crowded because you yahoos keep posting here and gloating about it......the fn internet has made the creek to easy to find.
  4. bla bla blabla blabla bla both make me sick......1 guy who says he is a member of the fn sierra club, tryin to fit in with dirt bikers.... &%$#@! 1 guy who claims to be a pasionate rider, giving this idiot the time of day??!!... truely serious off road riders know who the enemy's are. just as they know they cannot and never will be able to either reason or fight with equal power these monster organizations. real men who ride iron horses will, till the day they die spit in the faces of those who use their power to opress our simple out of the way recreation. People who are greedy and over the top will pay one way or another this I am here to witness. Many a problem throughout time have been resolved by revolution. Let the greedy ones beware.......
  5. The BLM is a puppet agency that is steered around by the decisions of judges brought into the pictures by lawsuits filed by large anti dirtbike organizations.....good luck cheering for them as you are. As long as the people of the blm live and continue to be these puppets they will always be my enemy.
  6. Motosaurus.... Meet us at pismo this sat. I know you'll like the sand........we'll show you a a time you wont soon forget.....
  7. I think he was trying to keep people away to the squid thing....If you ride ride with confidence or stay see you guys there
  8. We're goin down on sat the 22nd. we were there on sat the weekend of the 4th. It was fun people watching. sure maybe a bit crowded. but that was half the fun. we like to party, meet new people and rip up the dunes on our cr's. if this is up anyone's alley look for us.....3 cr's....anti sierra'l be obvious have fun all
  9. Two Words....."National Parks".....If you want quiet, go there. Otherwise face the music and deal with population explosion and the invention of the dirt bike. I will always fight those who try to shut me down. There are plenty of places to ride in this state now. Just as there are plenty of "quiet" places to visit. Let it ride mother fn gready tree hugers. Stay away from our riding areas!!!......Hope to meet you soon
  10. A FN plant guy tryin to save my creek. The true enemies of the creek are members of the california native plant society. You need to pick a side Dave. There are people who will mistake you for the enemy if you continue to walk both lines. If people truly want to save the creek look up Juli Delgato or Brian Leneve, these two are the enemy.
  11. Good day all! Had a great time on the ride Sat. Beautiful day. Thx again to dan for the guiding and to everyone else for the great additudes and help. The ride was great. a bit rocky but cool. Im not used to leaving camp at 10am and returning at made for a long day. we usually split our days up into 2 rides, with a good lunch and a pack re-stock between. So my supplys were runnin low towards the end. Thx again to james (mr. cr500) for havin a splash of gas for me. I just put some pictures onto my computer. as soon as i figure out how to post them here i will. This winter I will post for a clearcreek trip and maybe some of you can come up and ride some good loam. Sean
  12. yes im going to come down kelso rd from above by isabella. sean
  13. right on greg.....I'll leave late tonight......last chance if anyone wants to hitch a ride from san jose....i'll be at the meeting spot at drive gents..... sean
  14. right on gentleman!!..... I'm fired up for the ride. I'm commin down from the bay area if anyone needs a ride. I'll be at the meeting spot before 9am. green chevy in the back. sean
  15. We all still on gents?? Can I ask for a show of hands for this saturday?? I'm commin in from the bay area and would love to hook up with some guys that know the ridin area. sean
  16. cool....what should I look for at the meeting spot?? I'll be in a green chevy p/u..... Let me know if anyone needs anything. sean
  17. hmmmm. Anyone mind if i tag along? Ive got an old 2 smoker... should be able to keep up.... mostly an intermediate rider....what can i bring to the party?? meeting spot by 9am?
  18. sounds like a ride!! Is this hapnin this sat the 10th? Anyone traveling from san jose, bay area?
  19. dont think I know how to get to elkins flat. I usually come into PiPi from highway 88. I know where the campgrounds are at the bottom by the river. just past 5 corners the way i come in. Is elkins flat past that campground up the hill??
  20. PiPi monday sounds good. got room for another? where will you stage? I usually go in by sopiago.
  21. goodness......does all of this mean i cant ride some of my favorite spots wish all of you paper pushers luck....i will ask you all to wish me and my people the same, as we will be fighting our battles on the front lines. confronting and dealing with all who would come between us and our special place. It is all or nothing in our eyes. we will fight until the last of us are no longer able. my mesage is simple....if it is your job to be anti me and support or enforce is our job to be anti you....
  22. Brian is saying that there was 6in of rain from fri nite to mon nite / 12-30 to 1-2........thats bs....I was there...there was a period even on sat from 9am until sunday at 9:30 am where it did not rain at all. the steady sprinkles started sunday at noon... there was no huge storm that brought in over 6 inches of rain......Brian if you read this, you had better watch your ass if there are any shannanagins going on. you know who this is. I saw you at the kiosk sunday morning recording things on your lap careful out there
  23. Sorry if JONALA is not brian white.
  24. Hmmmm.....dirt bikers building fences. helping a BLM puppet of the california native plant society...hmmmm....I encourage all of you to tell brian white, aka JONALA, to stick it up his ass. the creek is closing up and he is at the front helping to do it......