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  1. keepsafallin

    Does anyone here know the 273x Team?

    Hey, if the info you have doesnt work let me know.. i got some #'s also.. oh, and yeah that was us kickin arse till the motor seized..
  2. keepsafallin

    Baja 500

    Check international forum.. theres always q&a there about the 500...
  3. keepsafallin

    adventure day pass

    at the chevron gas station off of the 138 exit.... its on the street called wagon trail...
  4. keepsafallin

    Baja race "Sunday Jan.15"-Prerun on the 14th anyone?

    We pre ran yesterday real nice course really really fast sections.. lots a whoops... this course is on the north side of the road.. i heard it was the same course as their november race.... 14mi loop did 5 laps.. its great!!!
  5. keepsafallin

    Tamayos - Ens.Mex ride Dec 18th!

    Heres another one.. lets see if this gets it rolling.... Don't laugh not to good with the scanner....
  6. keepsafallin

    Tamayos - Ens.Mex ride Dec 18th!

    Great ride ill be back next year.......
  7. keepsafallin

    Tecate ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Your so very welcome... Can't keep a man from his pacificos.. I dont know if this was a secret but here's the Site http://www.dirtfocus.com/
  8. keepsafallin

    Tecate ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    I was there lets see if this works.... Whats up john i was with ken met you and rueben for after the race pacificos.. And yeah i got my pin it may not sound good but im proud of 14th place under 30 sportsmen.. not bad for a 1st timer
  9. keepsafallin

    gas cap hoses?

    Ive lost 2 of those first ride out... I went back to the regular hose...
  10. keepsafallin

    Baja 1000 a la solo, Ironman?

    Was that you that got gas or dirt on you at about mm 40?? Had to stop and clean your googles?? said solo some thing and an x on front plate??
  11. keepsafallin

    Ensenada MEX organized ride July 10

    RE: gas thing.. I always tell them it's mixed (2 stroke) they dont want to put that in there cars so they won't take it...