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  1. gruff

    WR250 full lighting kit

    Ah ok thanks. Doesn't sound too bad then. Here is the set i was looking at, it's the one with the indicators. Hopefully this one isn't too hard to fit. http://www.rpamx.co.uk/acatalog/Yamaha_Motocross_Enduro_Lighting_Kits.html
  2. Hi all, i'm looking at getting a WR250F on road. Just wondering how easy is it to fit a road legal lighting kit? Is it fairly easy or a shop job?
  3. gruff

    dead yz250f?

    Don't know why you cant post mate, i've hardly ever posted here tbh. I just come & read the various posts. I clicked on reply then the insert image tab on the bar. Yeah i want to get a new exhaust too but i got other priorities at the moment. I've been trying to find a stainless steel oil filter instead of the paper 1's i have been buying but i can't find 1 from any of my usual sites. Know anywhere that sells them?
  4. gruff

    dead yz250f?

    Naa, don't have that problem mate. I could'nt really tell you what mines like compared to any other models as i've never owned any other 4 strokes. My friend owns a CRF250 which feels a bit lighter & quicker than mine when shooting off though. Mine's only got a standard exhaust, what about yours? Not very good quality i'm arfraid but its all i got on my pc at the moment
  5. gruff

    dead yz250f?

    Sorry i could'nt really say what a good price is, not without seeing it in person anyway. Try looking on ebay for some rough ideas. Yeah its got a 03 cam installed in it, i got this put in when it needed a bottom end rebuild. Cost me a bomb, i needed to get new crank casings too which took months to be sent to me. Got any pics?
  6. gruff

    dead yz250f?

    Glad you got it running in the end, i got a 01 YZF250 too. I got a newer cam stuck in mine so no decompression lever, i never could get the hang of it! Where abouts in the UK are you? I'm in Kent, maybe we could help each other out.
  7. gruff

    06/7 graphics on 01

    Ok thanks, just thought i'd ask
  8. Just a quick question but what differences are there in the graphics for a 01 YZF250 & newer years, say a 06 YZF250? Is it possible to fit the 06 graphics on a 01 with a bit of fiddling? or is it just because the graphics cover up a hole where a bolt goes or something? Thanks a lot for any replies, i'm trying to gain some knowledge!
  9. gruff

    YZF250 01 exhaust query

    Ok thanks. So is it fiddly or hard to get the gasket back on?
  10. Hi, i been looking at a DEP silencer for my bike to replace the stock one, i was wondering if i would need to buy a new gasket where the silencer joins to the pipe coming from the engine or if i could reuse it? Also if i do need to get a new exhaust gasket is it hard to fit? Sorry but im new to this & dont know hardly anything
  11. gruff

    easy clutch unit

    really? i didnt know that. thanks for the info. do you think the drag will be really noticable?
  12. gruff

    easy clutch unit

    Hi all is this easy clutch unit any good? the clutch on my YZF250 is as stiff as anything and hurts my hand when i been riding for a while. It says it makes it easier to use, is it worth me getting it? cheers http://www.feamamx.co.uk/products.php?cat=315
  13. Hi! Hope someone here can help. Ive just had my YZF250 01 model put in the motorbike shop because when i fill the radiator up within about 10 minutes it is empty because it all leaks out of a hole underneath the engine near the water pump. The bloke in the shop told me the hole is a tell tale hole and means the water pump seal needs replacing. Does this make sense to anyone? My brother said he checked his friends KX250F and that it has a copper washer or bolt or something and this has dropped out of my YZF & the bloke in the shop is ripping me off. Who do i believe? Someone please help!!! Gruff