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  1. StevensXR

    East fort rock

    Where do you guys usually stage from? We will be down in the southern area that weekend also.
  2. StevensXR

    West Hood River Trail Conditions

    Are the conditions okay at this time? Seems like a lot of rain has been moving through the area.
  3. StevensXR

    Oregon House after OHV $$$ act now

    Sent my note in.
  4. StevensXR

    1986 Dual carb XR600 idle problems

    Yes, I replaced two of the o-rings that were questionable, no change. I spray carb cleaner, WD-40 and starting fluid all over the carbs trying to get a vacuum leak, with zero results. I have been fighting it for a while, I can get it to run at a good idle with the choke at mid-point, it will have to stay that way. Thanks!
  5. StevensXR

    1986 Dual carb XR600 idle problems

    I did take the air valve apart. Held it up to a light and checked for rips and tears, it is in excellent condition. The interior of the carbs looks good, not worn out at all. Thanks for the idea.
  6. Hello- I tried the 'jetting forum for this problem, with no luck, so hopefully someone here can help out. My buddy has an '86 600r that seems in decent condition. It had been sitting for a while, and it supposedly ran before he got it, but not too well. It had a stock intake with a crappy, filthy K&N type filter, stock header with White Brothers "supertrapp" style exhaust with 12 discs installed and 45 pilot, 125 main 1.75 turns out on the air screw, needles @ 3rd slot. I took the carbs apart, cleaned all passages with cleaner and compressed air. Removed the jets and cleaned and inspected them and found no issues. Assembled carbs, installed a new stock air cleaner and put in fresh fuel. I could not get it to start. No spark. Traced the issue to what I thoght might be the stator, and my buddy just happened to get a free Ricky Stator with the bike, so I installed that, but still no spark. Put an Ohm meter on all electrical parts, and found the exciter not in spec. Replaced it with a new unit. Full choke, TDC, kick and it fired first try! Great! I let it run for a bit, then knocked the choke down to mid point, it still ran okay. Pushed the choke off, and it immediately started to cough and pop until it died. Did the whole procedure again, with the same results. Sounded like a lean condition. I took the carbs out, disassembled, cleaner, compressed air, etc. Installed everything back in and it fired and ran great on full and mid choke, but stumbles and dies when the choke is off. So, we got a 48 pilot, 128 mains and I once again tore the carbs apart and THOROUGHLY cleaned them. I tore everything I could off the carbs and inspected each part for issues, slides, air valve, jets, etc. I replaced a couple of O-rings on the tubes that cross between the carbs, but everything else seems okay. Fired and ran great on choke, but once again popped and died off choke. I had someone keep the bike running off choke with the throttle while I sprayed starting fluid and choke cleaner around the carb plates, expecting a vacuum leak, with no results. I am deserate at this point. I checked timing, I have checked and set all the valve lash, I even removed 6 discs from the exhaust with no change. The bike runs great on full and mid choke- no hesitation, absolutely not 1 ounce of smoke, and the sparkplug shows almost black (but I cannot do a true plug chop because of the idle condition) The 48 pilot is the largest made for the carbs that we can find, but I can't imagine this needs a bigger pilot- I feel I am missing something in my trouble shooting. Any ideas other than removing the gas cap and parking a new bike under it? Thanks!
  7. StevensXR

    1986 XR600r Dual Carb problems

    Alright. I took the carbs COMPLETELY apart and blasted every orifice, pathway and nook and crannie I could find with carb cleaner and compressed air. Assembled it, put it back in and it fired first kick. Took the choke off and it started popping and backfiring again! I truly believe the carb is clean. What are some other ideas? Could a possible exhaust leak cause a lean condition? Maybe at the headers somewhere? He is looking for another set of carbs to try out that angle, but I think it could be something else. Any other ideas? Thanks again for all your help, we appreciate it.
  8. StevensXR

    1986 XR600r Dual Carb problems

    Eddie- Thanks for the response. Yes, the seal seems to be okay, while the engine is running I sprayed WD40 around all the boots and plate, with no discernable change in engine speed. I am really at a loss on what to check next, any ideas? Thanks
  9. Hello- I am helping out a buddy to get his bike running. As the title states, it is an 1986 XR600R, Dual carb, new foam air cleaner with air box baffle removed, stock header into what looks like a White Bros. E series exhaust. Also just replaced stator, exciter and spark plug. Problem: Bike starts and idles smooth when cold, and choke full on. When the choke is moved to the mid point, it starts to pop a little. With the choke off, it pops, backfires and dies. It will start again off choke, but quickly pops and dies. Bike has an extreme backfire (loud) with choke off and whacking the throttle open and letting off quickly. Stock settings were 45 pilot, 2 turns on the air screw and both carbs 122 mains with needle in 3rd clip down from top. Thinking that the bike had a lean condition and after some searching, we went to the following: Pilot 48 (largest available for that carb) both mains 128 Same needle position Screw from 1 to 2.5 turns The bike still starts fine on choke, but goes right back to the 'lean' sounding pops and backfires when the choke is off. In other words, no real improvement and it still acts lean on the pilot. The carb has been cleaned three times, with no gunk or varnish showing, and the slides work smooth. Any ideas or help is appreciated.
  10. Work like what? And exactly how is he a fool? He asked for a licensed and bonded contractor. He asked for references. He is willing to front the expenses for rental and materials if needed, which he would be invoiced for regardless. I bet there are a few contractors out there that don't have enough reserves to rent or purchase much of anything right now. Payment in cash is fine, as long as the contractor claims it to the IRS. Besides, Oregon law states that if the work is over $2000, and it sounds as though it would be, then a written contract must be made. This protects both parties. I know all the paperwork and rules add a little in cost, but in this litigious society we live in, it is well worth the time and effort to cover your assets. Of course, the possibilities are there for a simple job to turn into a giant mess. So, if he does use an unlicensed or uninsured contractor, he will have little to no recourse if a problem arises, other than holding payment until the work is completed to his satisfaction, which may in fact never happen. To the O.P.: Good on you for helping out our community with this offer. Thanks!
  11. StevensXR

    anyone seen this?

    Come on. You delete your entire post just because someone compared you to a cheeseburger? You didn't even ask if it was from McDonalds or BurgerKing! (I kid, I kid) I prefer Burgerville, myself. Delicious, seasonal milkshakes Seriously, you're going to have to get some thicker skin as you grow older- just let stuff like that roll off your back. You're going to wind up with a nervous tic or an ulcer.
  12. StevensXR

    Boots and Gear

    I have Tech-10's, and I had to go to a size 14 (I wear 13 in street shoes) to get the most comfortable fit. I don't know if it has anything to do the 'bootie' that you wear, or if it is just the way they fit. Having said that, they are the most comfortable boot I have worn, and the break-in time was next to nothing. They seem to be fairly water resistant, also.
  13. StevensXR

    Hood River

    Here are some pictures I have taken of various rides at Post Canyon:
  14. StevensXR

    Hood River

    Of course, of course, I should have mentioned that also. I just didn't want him to get up there and have them all be used up as some idiot's firestarter!
  15. StevensXR

    Hood River

    If you are going out to the Post Canyon trails, you really don't need GPS, as they have outstanding, full color trail maps available for the area at the Yamaha dealer and, I think, at the Hood River forest service. The trails are marked well and the map is easy to follow. You can easily do a full day out there and ride many different trails.