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  1. sl33py

    Real Gains from 650L Slip-on Exhaust?

    i got the full powerbomb4 exhaust (about 600 total iirc) - love it! they didn't have model for 650L, but 600r fit fine. better power throughout, lighter, and it roars when you are on it. GL! rob
  2. sl33py

    97 650L forks?

    Thanks Martinfan! Fractured scaphoid (wrist bone base of thumb) on right hand. Sucked - about 4 months in cast. Physical therapy is almost complete and i was given "green light" for light duty... which i take means i can skateboard again and start riding! (longboard...i'm old - lol) I'm thinking of having my older brother help on this - any of these a straight swap? if i remember correctly hte CR forks are pretty soft - and i'm 260lbs - that would be a problem right? maybe i'll shoot for used stock... Wanting to moto my bike and just make it a hooligan toy! going to do hi comp head, already have full FMF powerbomb4 exhaust and pumper carb... forks, wheels, and street tires needed. anyway - anyone's suggestions on best setup for a big guy like me is appreciated. Stock forks or ...? thanks! rob
  3. sl33py

    97 650L forks?

    Bueller? Anyone?
  4. sl33py

    97 650L forks?

    A 73 yo man ran red light... so have bent forks now. Looking for new forks - maybe inverted? Any suggestions? Or used to save $ for supermoto rims/tires. also any recommendations on inexpensive 17" moto rims for 97 XR650L? thanks guys! really want to get back on the pig now that doc says I can ride again! rob
  5. sl33py

    XR600-650L header differences?

    i have the FMF powerbomb header and powercore4 can. Fit like a dream. I don't remember a single fitment issue. hth - gl! rob
  6. sl33py

    looking at new exaust for 650l

    I looked at the White brothers E2 as well. The tunable part sounds nice, but could not find a header since they don't make them any more. I spoke with some guys on the forum who have had both the E2 and FMF. I found the 600r FMF powerbomb header and powercore4 fit my 97 like a glove. Love the sound if a lot louder than stock (not a surprise), and more power throughout the powerband. got mine from the TT store at a great price. hth rob
  7. sl33py

    Can you fit an oil cooler to XR6?

    Here's a thread on fitting an xr400 oil cooler, but SRC stopped making the kit and nobody has given me any sites to source parts... http://www.4strokes.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=22902 hth rob
  8. Do you have any stumbles or hesitation? right out of the box and what settings are stock? Thanks - I can't wait!! I will read some more threads on the edelbrock and when it arrives I am rob
  9. i made the plunge and ordered from barnums... Any info on how to dial it in would be really appreciated. Jbird - what exhaust and mods do you have? if close i will start with your settings and adjust from there. mine - desnorkeled, desmogged, full FMF powerbomb/powercore4, and K&N (soon UNI). stock engine for now. thanks guys! rob
  10. babelfish works well: (bit rough, but you get the idea) Characteristics Generate Them For it gets passionate you to it of the guide in derapata or for those who they want a light motion and amusing to guide on road, From Ara has prepared Honda XR to 650 Supermotard. This new tipologia of vehicles that it joins to the facility of guide of means from enduro the dinamicità of two wheels from road, is riscuotendo more and more happened also in Italy. Semplicità, sfruttabilità and high performances are the tradition of Honda XR. The motor, single cylinder four times cooled to water with four valves monotree, is extremely sfruttabile for whichever pilot, always maintaining one ready answer. Its innovative chassis monobeam to seed-double crib entire in aluminum that takes advantage of the advantages of minor the dimensioning of the endowed motor of lubrication to dry Carter, in order to obtain one extremely rigid structure but with a contained weight. 650 Honda XR Supermotard, is equipped of series with front and posterior circles from 17 particularly performanti inches of street derivation in the sport guide. Great attention has been then mail in the potenziamento of the refraining system front, equipped hour of in new disc from 320 milimeter, able of superlative performances.
  11. Jbird and Mich - so what else did you dial in for your edelbrock? I am thinking of getting it and if i install it where should i start as far as tuning it. My bike is pretty similar to yours (i think). I have full FMF powerbomb/powercore4 system, K&N, desnorkeled and desmogged. Barnums pretty good seller? 389 right now online...
  12. Edelbrock is seeming to be pretty popular - but i have seen that already when looking. anyone using the pumper mikunis? Is there going to be much difference between the 42 and 45mm? For the Edelbrock - how did it fit? Was there an adapter needed to connect to airbox? Great info - what else? rob
  13. hmm... Xrs has it for 435.00 for the Mikuni 42 or 45mm pumper. They just started selling these a while back, but have modified several for customers previously (so says their site). the mikuni flatside (non pumper) is around 230. I am solely looking for info on the Best pumper. thanks guys! rob