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  1. nice one hahahahahhahaha but i too am an addict!
  2. i bought one of those perimeter frames and it seems good. i havent riden it yet because i have to get all kinds of parts to make it work ahaha but it looks decent. minimoo magazine did a reveiw on a bike with a similar frame and they hated it but they are buddies with BBR so thats that. ill post up pics when my bikes done and ill let everybdy know how the frame it
  3. correct! that is exactly what i was asking and after much debate i have decided to put off my little project for the moment and finish my huild. then maybe later i will attempt to do it even though everyone says it wont
  4. i got some black ones and white ones and please DO NOT buy the white ones. they suck so bad, you can see through them thats how cheap they are and they feel pretty brittle. but the black ones feel pretty good i think they feel as thick as stock and pretty flexible. i havent actually ridden or crashed them yet tho so i cant really say
  5. would a stock klx110 18mm carb work? since a 110 is bigger than a 108?
  6. i just think they look cooler ha and you can get the klx race heads with even bigger valves
  7. what mm is the carb?
  8. so has nobody done this before?
  9. yea ther is like three different fmf pipes i do believe
  10. can you put a KLX110 head on a CRF50 motor? i think it would be cool so let me know if it can be done or what you guys think!
  11. ok sweet thanks dude. i thought it was a klx knock off because the heads look kinda identical. co can you put klx heads on a crf50 engine?
  12. i like pitracer the best but minimoto is pretty good too. except minimoto only comes out once every two months, i think pitracer is every months but i could be wrongo
  13. a brand new one wher i live in mendo, cali is 1450 out the door and thats with discounts but the dealers are kinda bitches but i see bikes like that around here going for about 800 or 900 but i knw somebody who sold a bike that was all stock except with an 88 and pipe for 1200 and i think it was an 04' id sell it
  14. is it possible to but a klx 110 motor in a crf50 or xr50 frame? i looked at the engine and it looks like the same bolt patterns and mounting points as a honda motor. so can it be done or has anybody done it? those gpx150s are basically a klx rip off right and they fit so a klx motor should fit right? with a few mods of course
  15. so pretty much it was a big pain in the ass. was it worth all the trouble. it looks nice:ride: