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  1. The pipe is loose on mine to.It spins very easy.No leaks at all.
  2. I removed the 3 bolts holding the airbox on.Makes it easier to get the boot all the way on the back of carb.
  3. Found one on e-bay.check it out.http://cgi.ebay.com/Triple-Clamps-upper-and-lower-Honda-XR400R_W0QQitemZ4628650685QQcategoryZ35591QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  4. Made it throught fine.Thanks for asking.
  5. This is my neighbors daughter.No lie, I really know her. Miss June 2000. http://www.fobpro.com/photos/gc30/gc30f3214.shtml
  6. Call American Honda.Speak to customer relations.I work for a Honda dealer.They will get the ball rolling,they always do.Honda takes customer relations very serious.
  7. While it's naked,after washing you may want to pull apart the electrical connectors and apply some dielectric grease.In case water gets in and just good maintnence.
  8. Xr's only has a pipe.One of the few i have found.I have an 84 also but i am still running the stock muffler so i can't say if its any good.
  9. Valve guides can be replaced.Not to expensive.Also,offroad bikes cannot be made onroad legal in Louisiana.You would have to plate it in another state then transfer the plate.
  10. Very nice.Love the tight stuff.Not very many mountains down here.
  11. And then did you stick a ball in your ,or was it a flute.
  12. Because most are made by people who don't ride.
  13. Nice vid.Good music to.
  14. I remember when those were new.Racing hare scrambles, all the AA experts rode those.And the trails down here were bar-bangers.Man, that bike was a hoss.Come by you like you were sitting still.