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  1. TahomaTom

    XRL's can't push 70mph for 2 hrs?

    My CDI went out at 14000 miles. The only thing that needed to replaced besides tires, brakes etc. I have done a few 2-3 hour rides with a large gas tank and no stops. No problem
  2. TahomaTom

    What's the proper oil operating temp?

    I average around 250 but have it gets around 300 during long higher speed freeway rides.
  3. TahomaTom

    teraflex tire

    I like mine. Hooks up great for the ridig I do. I was a little slick on pavement at the beginning but I did not have any issues after the first 50or so miles.
  4. TahomaTom

    A really cool tire

    Tennis and raquest balls go flat over time. I think it would work for a few weeks but after a month or so you will need to replace or add more balls.
  5. TahomaTom

    need better street mirror for 650l. advice?

    I dont like the stock ones but catn picture being able to split lanes with anything wider. There is no point in riding around where i live in California if you cant split lanes.
  6. TahomaTom

    650L- backfires- wont idle without choke on

    Sorry I posted twice- I did not see the oringal come up so I poted a second time.
  7. With the nice weather here this weekend I was going to go for a ride but the L was out of gas. I filled it up and it starts right away but it wont idle without the choke on. ( I filled a 1 gallan -started no problem- and than drove to fill it completely) It runs ok with no choke but has a little backfire if I leave it on. When I come to a stop sign I need to open the choke 1/4 to 1/2 way or else it dies. I checked the plugs and the airfilter but they were good. The only other problem that I am aware of is that my clutch cable is frayed. It has been like that for a while now and has never been a problem. Would it make a differance? It is a 94, jetted, piped, smog removed. I put a new CDI in about 5 months ago. Any ideas what could be my problem. In ran fine about two weeks ago when I parked it.
  8. Ok first the L would not start so I went and got some gas. I filled her up and it started right away but wont idle with the choke off. I can ride it but need to keep the choke open 1/4 to 1/2 of the way when I come to a stop sign.: I can turn the choke off when riding and it pulls ok but it back fires a little bit. I checked the plug and air filter and it looks good. I got a new CDI about 500 miles ago. The only thing i can think of is that my clutch cable is starting to fray but it has been like that for 5-6 rides before I parked it and has never been a problem. Is it hard to replace Oh yeah one more thing the idle did cyle a bit at the last stop light. Went up than down and the choke was on. Any suggestions? the bike a 94 650l 14K, is jetted, exhaust, smog off, clarke tank etc. Thanks for the advice in advance-
  9. TahomaTom

    What's going to replace the XRL?

    I am in the shipping business and I feel for anybody importing these cheap chinese bikes. They are garbage and only good for 1000 miles. Need parts - good luck. I hope they stay with the air cooled big bore.
  10. TahomaTom

    Later model "L" owners

    bump \
  11. I have a 94 and one day it would not hot start. Once it started it was not a problem. Then a few weeks and a couple hundred miles later it got hot and than would die and not start for a few minutes. It did this for a few weeks but was not consistast. Most days no problem. Other days it happened a few times in jsut twenty miles. Eventually it would not start at all. New CDI and I have not had a problem since.
  12. TahomaTom

    Teraflex 110/100-18

    I love my T flex. It is slippery on the street at first has been all good now.
  13. TahomaTom

    the ultimate way to haul your bikes

    I dont see them but I trust you
  14. TahomaTom

    check this set up out

    the brighter the better