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  1. oh thats so funny omg hahahahhahaha omg lol hahaha lmfao oh crap lol hahahahah o hahahah get it omg look at the horse. bubba is a champion he chooses a horse.
  2. he loves what he does, he takes it serious, he is a champion, he shooses suzuki.
  3. oil

    can you run quaker state 10w-40 in a xr70. i use it in my 2005 kx250f and works well. thanks
  4. i was riding my 2005 kx250f with 10 hours on new oil (quaker state 10w-40) and mybike just died. i havnt started it back up because im scared that it might mess somthing up. how do i fix this?
  5. ok cool thanks, does armor all ultra shine work anygood i saw some at auto zone.
  6. how do you guys keep the plastics shiny and not have them fade? p.s this is my first post