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  1. fastmodena

    KX100 Dune tire help.

    I am looking to buy a rear paddle for my wifes kx100 for the dunes next weekend. I was hoping to buy from Rocky Mountain ATV since they are close to me but they dont have the right size in stock. My question is this. The stock rear knobby tire is 90/100x16. The only paddles I seem to find for these bikes are the cheng shin. With a paddle do I still use the SAME size and my stock rim 90/100x16? The best I can find is from Dennis Kirk, but the size says 90/100M-16. The M has me worried. Does this make any difference? The reason is the 14" rim tire just says 90/100-14. I shouldnt have a problem with the stock rim correct?
  2. fastmodena

    TTR 230 jets and altitude

    I have been searching all morning. I have an 05 230. I live at around 4400 feet above sea and I ride anywhere from 5-9000 feet above. Now from what I can get these bikes have a main jet 125 and a 36 pilot? If I go up in altitude shouldnt I go with a LOWER jet as I go up? It seems people recommend a 127 main and 38 pilot for these bikes. Will that hurt me. The bike didnt want to run last week at about 8000 ft. Never had a problem before but I want this carb to be optimal! What would you suggest for my altitude?
  3. fastmodena

    New pipe and jetting for ttr125.

    Ok I puchased an FMF powercore pipe and going to install it tomorrow. However i have been reading like crazy about the jetting issues and it seems all the JET talk with this bike is for people riding UNDER 1000 feet in altitude. I live in UTAH and I usually ride around 4000-5000 feet on avg and anywhere between 3000-9000 feet in altitude. With the NEW PIPE do i need to rejet? Everyone talks about a 17.5 pilot and 110 or 112 main but what should I use for altitude? How rich or lean is stock at this altitude? I pull the air filter screen and i am going to pull the SNORKEL and that is it, except with the new pipe. PLEASE HELP! THANKS!
  4. fastmodena

    230 idle and warm up problems.

    Ok If I feather the throttle it really depends. Sometimes it will just die and if I barely feather it to get it rev up a little more then I can rev it all the way. The bike doesnt sound like it pops or backfires when I let off. However, I can ride the bike just fine but when I start riding it and slow down it starts to pop or backfire. The bike rides ok but when i stop and let it idle I cant rev it up unless I REALLY feather it. It doesnt really sputter. It idles real nice and it will either rev if feather heavily or just die. So I went and rode it around for a few minutes and checked the spark plug again. The spark plug is starting to turn black but the very top of it is grey.
  5. fastmodena

    230 idle and warm up problems.

    I bought my 230 last April and so far have had NO problems. I just changed the oil, cleaned and re-oiled the filter, and put in a NEW spark plug. So I fire it up and now the bike doesnt like the choke in. When the choke is pulled I can use the gas like normal but when I push in the choke the bike will idle just fine but if I give it any gas it wants to just die. Could this be from not getting enough gas or enough air? I let it warm up for awhile with the choke in and when it is all warmed up it is the same. Any gas and it starts to die but idles fine. Also if it helps I pulled the NEW spark plug and it seemed to have a tiny bit of oil or something around the rim of it. Not sure if that is normal. Any suggestions?
  6. fastmodena

    Unfortunate for parts. Any help?

    I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to help me out and get the part from a local dealer and ship it to me vis USPS? I would pay via PAYPAL? I hate all the dealers in UTAH. They never seem to have parts for anything. Any help?
  7. fastmodena

    Unfortunate for parts. Any help?

    Well the 2004 ttr-125 needs a new cable stater cable. Part number 5HP-26331-11-00. (THE CHOKE CABLE IF YOU WILL). So I call every dealer in the state of utah an NO-ONE has them. They all say 1 week out to order it. What a drag. You buy a bike and it breaks and you cant ride it for a week. Well does anyone know where to maybe buy this online so I could just order it myself? Not to mention the dealers want $40 to overnight it. BULL . The biggest dealer in UTAH said that dealers just dont carry many parts for TTRs but they carry all of them for YZ's. Any truth to this?
  8. fastmodena

    TTR-125 pilot screw and help

    I have been reading this forum and searching like crazy for info. So everyone seems to say the bike needs to be re-jetted. I live around 5000 ft above sea and will ride anywhere from 5-9000ft. So would going to a #17 and 110 main hurt the bike? From what I can get the higher you go the lesser of the jet's you want. Also I am going to replace the spark plug on the bike. It was really black after pulling it out. Is this a sign of lean or rich? How can I tell if the bike is too lean or too rich? Also like I posted in a previous thread the bike stalls whenever I stop or slow down hard. With my altitude do I want it to run rich or lean? Lean means not enough gas right? My pilot screw was set at 3 turns out. I just bought this bike brand new last april so either that is where the factory had it set or the person who built the bike set it there. Is 3 turns too much? That service manual says 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 turns but I am not sure cause most on here say start at 2 turns out. Well any info will help cause my altitude seems so different then what all you guys are running. Maybe my jets are ok being how high up I am. Its an 04 TTR125l no electric start.
  9. fastmodena

    TTR-125l dies when stopping. Please help

    Ok well i guess I will look into some of the tips here. I dont know much about jetting and the like but I guess it is time to learn. I am also going to learn how to clean the carb. Winter is almost here so I have alot of time to do this. Anyone know where to get the IDLE machine thing that the manual says to hook up and you can set your idle with the RPM range? Wonder how much they cost. That could be handy. Also it doesnt just happen when we go down hills. If I am going straight, fast or slow, and then just stop the engine dies. Its kind of a pain with no electric start and it didnt do it for most of the summer riding. WEIRD!
  10. fastmodena

    TTR-125l dies when stopping. Please help

    We bought this 2004 ttr-125l last april brand new. When you slow down hard or stop it allways dies now. I have played with the idle screw and set the idle higher and lower and that doesnt seem to solve anything. Any thoughts why this could be? Any ideas of what I should check? My TTR-230 doesnt do this at all. For instance with the 125 when you come down a dirt hill and stop at the bottom it dies. If I pull out of my driveway and stop quick it dies. PLEASE HELP! Thanks everyone. P.S - It is the L model with no electric start and usually when I try to kick start it I have to give it some gas everytime or it wont start. Is that normal?