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  1. I need to know how to get rid of the smog stuff on my bike. Anyone?
  2. my thermostat sensor went bad like after a couple of times of riding my quad. which caused it to overheat. anyone else have any problems with this?
  3. Motoman35

    Honda trx 450 smog

    how and what do i have to take off to get my quad ride of the smog crap?
  4. Motoman35

    Honda trx 450 exhaust

    what is the best exhaust for my quad?
  5. it does it when i ride hard and normal, it funny cause it did it too when it was stock. a buddy of mine said that i should try giving the air/fuel screw about a quarter to a half turn out
  6. 2005 trx 450r i've put on the pro-design air filter kit for the bike and a main jet that is two sizes up from stock, and took out the spark arrester. i'll ride the bike for a little bit like 20 mins or something and it just decides to die, but its like its choking out or flooding when it does it. does anyone have any ideas?