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    It's here AMA Schedule !

    I used to live in Madison and travelled quite a bit. Road America is about 30 minutes from Mitchell International, and about 2.5 hours from Green Bay. The key problem is the cost and time. If you fly out of Green Bay, you're going to be paying a premium and you'll be flying a puddle jumper to Chicago. (Same if you fly out of Madison.) You might fly to Miniapolis but it's still a turbo prop. It's a decent drive up the west coast of Lake Michigan. I happened to attend the 2002 AMA Superbike at Road America and the DairyLand Classic. During the event, a few exhibition Supermoto races were put on by Superbikers2 (http://superbikers2.com/). The guest riders included Kevin Schwantz, Scott Russell, David Sadowski Jr., and more than one Hayden. It was incredible. The thing that I really wanted to say is that the carting track they run on is very versatile. It can be too tight or wide open. Also, it's positioned on the side of a hill making it a great venue for spectating. You'll miss nothing. And the Dairyland was a great flat-track event. Good action and open pits after the event. It's not an AMA event but that doesn't seem to matter, all the names show up. All those who are close enough to attend, enjoy. Also, hopefully the rains will stay away.
  2. Backin-It-In

    Relocating to the Northwest... need advice!

    The world's best beer is made in Bend, Deshautes Mirror Pond Pale Ale. If you enjoy a smooth ale with no bitter aftertaste, it's nirvana. I live in Seattle, and just in my neighborhood, there are 5 homes under renovation. But you'd have to either commute to your jobs or commute to a place to ride. Given that the job is always somewhere else, live where you can ride. And that's not within the Seattle area. I realize that southern Oregon isn't between Eugene and Seattle but there are $$$$ and places to ride. Just something else to consider.
  3. Backin-It-In

    Converting a te510 to a SM or SM510r to dirt???

    I was contemplating the same thing. I like the idea of adventure tires, like those on the V-Stroms, Ulysses and BMW GS would be the ticket. Not great on road or great off-road but able to go both places without changing the wheels. If it doesn't work as well as desired, I'm only a few thousand of miles from changing them. And I can always buy the off-road wheels, etc. later.
  4. Backin-It-In

    CRF450 Street

    From what I've been seeing, most MX/Enduro bikes have a much shorter maintenance schedule then street bikes. The schedules are based on hours, not miles. The CRF may require more changes than others but if you're going to go this route, you're commiting to spending more time in the garage. From what I've gleened hangin' around SMJ, the CRF is a SM Hot Rod but can be finicky. The street isn't a carting track. And the CRF doesn't perform well when not at 7/10th or more. And this high-strung primadona typically isn't as nice for everyday as something like the XR650R. People who ride an SM CRF are "big hit" junkies and are willing to put up with the problems to get that rush.
  5. Backin-It-In

    street-legal 2006 Husqvarna SMR450

    I haven't bought one ... yet ... but there are plenty of street legal Husky SMRs over at SupermotoJunkie.com.
  6. I'm new to the PacNW. What are you referring to? I'd love to be able to demo a Husky.
  7. Backin-It-In

    AMA supermoto on TV

    The repeat telecast of the Nashville races will be Wednesday Nov. 9th at 5:30PM. The Rena (a-go-go) will broadcast Saturday (12th) at 5PM with it's rebroadcast on Weds. the 16th at 5:30. All times are US Eastern. I agree about the coverage being improved. The races were good but the track layout didn't provide much opportunity for actual racing. Most passes were made because of riders errors. I think they should have run the course backwards. It would have provided better overtaking opporunities as the corners were at the end of straights (instead of other corners). Watch for yourselves and comment back.
  8. Backin-It-In

    New street legal SM's

    Street Legals: KTM SMC 625 Husky SM610S, SM510R, SM450R (the Rs require mirrors and turn signals in some states.) MV Panther (660 Yamaha aircooled)
  9. Backin-It-In

    Jimmy Lewis TC 450 FBF article in Dirt Rider

    Wasn't that in the Tao Te Ching? When did you become a comedian? Don't you dare take it easy on any bike. We all want to know where they're gonna break and you're more than qualified to find out. Working hard is always worth it. You should put forth the effort for yourself, and let others enjoy the results. And your results speak for themselves. Keep up the good work. Fortunately for you, your hard work is what everyone else here would consider hard play.