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  1. aceventura525

    06 ktm 525 really a 510?

    actually all 520's and 525's have been 510cc since the first 2000 model RFS produced at the end of 1999 onwards. I think they should have punched them out to 600cc+ as a standard customer model ages ago
  2. aceventura525

    Bolt-on side/kick stand for 250 SXF ??

    I didnt know you could get a stock one. Is it bolt on or needs welding ?? any chance of a photo ? Thanks
  3. Can anyone recommend a good source for a Bolt-on side/kick stand for the 250 SXF ??
  4. aceventura525

    250 SXF enduro style sump guard ??

    found them. thanks
  5. aceventura525

    250 SXF enduro style sump guard ??

    Thnaks for the info, any E-Line contact details or price for it ??
  6. Does anyone know of a plastic or carbon fibre (ie non-alloy) sump guard along the lines of the plastic enduro one that fits the EXC's for the 250 SXF ??
  7. Does anyone know of an e-starter kit for the 250sx-f yet ?? or any news on when a 250 EXC-F is likely to appear waiting impatiently !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!