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  1. actually all 520's and 525's have been 510cc since the first 2000 model RFS produced at the end of 1999 onwards. I think they should have punched them out to 600cc+ as a standard customer model ages ago
  2. I didnt know you could get a stock one. Is it bolt on or needs welding ?? any chance of a photo ? Thanks
  3. Can anyone recommend a good source for a Bolt-on side/kick stand for the 250 SXF ??
  4. found them. thanks
  5. Thnaks for the info, any E-Line contact details or price for it ??
  6. Does anyone know of a plastic or carbon fibre (ie non-alloy) sump guard along the lines of the plastic enduro one that fits the EXC's for the 250 SXF ??
  7. Does anyone know of an e-starter kit for the 250sx-f yet ?? or any news on when a 250 EXC-F is likely to appear waiting impatiently !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!